GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Ocala, FL

2370 SW College Rd. Ste 104
Ocala, FL 34471

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Cash Only
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A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary at 2370 SW College Rd. Ste 104 in Ocala, FL 34471 is now open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This Be. cannabis store in Ocala is here to service Dunnellon, Belleview, Summerfield and Marion County in general.

Grow Healthy Be. Ocala dispensary menu products will include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

Delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis products is available to your front door in Ocala, Dunnellon, Belleview, Summerfield and Marion County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

roberto munoz
roberto M.
17:30 24 Oct 21
It's always a pleasure shopping here. Low wait times and some of the best flower in the medical program.
Debra Griffin
Debra G.
00:53 09 Oct 21
Nobody works harder than grow healthy to help the patients feel better
Rebecca all inked up
Rebecca all inked U.
18:59 04 Oct 21
I LOVE GrowHealthy! But they NEED to open one in Citrus County closer to the Beverly Hills side!! Growhealthy has always been my number one choice but when it's 45 minutes away it's quite difficult to get out there sometimesread more
james Yellman
james Y.
20:07 03 Oct 21
Always a pleasant experience with good products, selection, and great service. Knowledgeable staff and professional.
Jennifer Norris
Jennifer N.
14:09 22 Aug 21
The wait was a little long the 1st time I went, but quality is great.
Billie Ware
Billie W.
16:44 23 Jul 21
People where nice, clean too. But with a name like Grow Healthy I would of thought they'd have real plants instead of fake ones in there lobby!!! Just thought...But then again maybe I shouldn't of been thinking! 😆 🤣 😂read more
Evalese DiGeronimo
Evalese D.
23:43 15 Jul 21
Plenty of parking, friendly staff, great selection, great discounts which is helpful when you're on a budget, but still need your meds. Was pretty easy to find. I wouldn't drive 40 minutes to go there if customer service was bad, but their worth the drive as well as the more
Paul Martin
Paul M.
16:43 09 Jul 21
Very professional. Courteous and helpful staff. Just be ready to order online or in person for what you see on their menus. They sell out pretty quick. I use flower and concentrate and they have pretty good meds that are potent. Very professionally packaged. I recommend seeing them as a patient. The best flower I've found in Ocala. Check out their menu online. Order. Pay when you get there. That more
20:27 25 Jun 21
First time in Grow Healthy and I was served by a Super knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly Member named Justice. He was really helpful with the product, he made 3 suggestions and got me in and out with a timely manner. I didnt feel rushed either! He also gave me some paper info on the menu, prices, products, and some strain knowledge. Definitely coming back to purchase more just because of my experience there. Thanks again more
Kait Why
Kait W.
14:38 08 Jun 21
Look, I don't mind waiting, but at least give ACCURATE wait times. I was told 30 minutes, ended up waiting over an hour. What's the point of calling it "priority" if I have to wait so long. If you're going to run sales, maybe you should fully staff up.AMENDING MY REVIEW(5/25):I ended up waiting well over an hour but the guy that helped was very VERY nice and apologetic. I still stand by saying that if y'all are running sales you should have a full staff.AMENDING MY REVIEW YET AGAIN(6/8):This is what Good product does, it makes you willing to try again and today was wonderful. Aside from the lightening speed, the service from Collin was phenomenal! Thanks for the great service, it made my day!read more
CJ McKinley
19:24 02 Jun 21
Great products with an easy to see Mesdicine Display. Very clean & quiet place as well. Definitely they deserve the 5 starsread more
Kait Why
Kait W.
16:38 27 May 21
Look, I don't mind waiting, but at least give ACCURATE wait times. I was told 30 minutes, ended up waiting over an hour. What's the point of calling it "priority" if I have to wait so long. If you're going to run sales, maybe you should fully staff up.AMENDING MY REVIEW:I ended up waiting well over an hour but the guy that helped was very VERY nice and apologetic. I still stand by saying that if y'all are running sales you should have a full more
Pamm McLaughlan
Pamm M.
16:11 25 May 21
Professional...immaculate. ...well stocked with inventory and little wait time...usually make appt. Wouldn't go anywhere else!read more
Sean Justus
Sean J.
00:03 19 Apr 21
What can I say. It's GrowHealthy. Best dispo hands down. The staff is great. Friendly, and knowledgeable. 100% would more
Linda Manning
Linda M.
15:05 13 Apr 21
Very knowledgeable of there products. Lean beautiful environment. Private. Great guys.
eric winn
eric W.
16:02 30 Mar 21
Great prices. Even better products. Extremely helpful staff. Efficient.
01:06 27 Mar 21
Arrive at 15 minutes to closing and was advised they were closed. I pointed out it was not closing time as of yet. Smirked and said they needed time to dispense. This seems lazy at best or worse this is an actual company policy. If that is the case, that is ridiculous. Just close at 15 till. No unhappy customer driving there only to be told they actually stop doing business at 15 more
Jerry WW
Jerry W.
13:33 25 Mar 21
Very helpful staff here. Flower the best I've encountered at any other company by far. Really quality. Wish I actually lived in this more
Jessika Davis
Jessika D.
18:21 18 Mar 21
Had the best experience today. Jess was my budtender. So incredibly helpful and patient with the questions I had. She made everything so easy to pick out what I needed. The stock was on point too. Had so many options. I can’t say enough great things about my experience today. Thank you Jess and the grow healthy staff in Ocala! Can’t wait to get home and try all my new more
Lydia Jansen
Lydia J.
17:49 09 Mar 21
Went here as my very first ever visit to a dispensary! Colin was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and eased my anxiety! Havent tried the product yet, but the sale was amazing! A+read more
14:56 27 Jan 21
So use to live in Orlando and the Grow Healthy there was ok. But moving to Ocala and WOW😱 by far BIG difference!!! The staff here is amazing!!! They are so helpful and knowledgeable of the product that I will not go anywhere else. I just wish other patients would be more understanding. I saw a patient get upset with one of the staff members and the employee took it like a champ! The employee was extremely professional and didn't let the customer break him. And it was all over something that ran out of stock which was nowhere near the employees fault!! It was hard to watch and not get in the middle of it. By far with that level of customer service I will not go anywhere else. Here is another thing they have more in stock then Orlando ever does. Whomever is the owner of this location should really praise their staff members because I have never been to a place like this where the staff genuinely cares for their patients. You guys are amazing!!!! Thank you for being there for this broken veteran!!!read more
Marco Pozo
Marco P.
15:50 26 Jan 21
Imagine. You wake up bright and early to place a pick up order on the website. You get the confirmation text , saying that your order is ready for pickup. You drive down to the store, and sign in, just to end up waiting 45 min for them to get you checked out. It’s absolutely ridiculous. If it wasn’t for the sale today. I wouldn’t have wasted my time. I thought I got ahead of it by placing an order for pickup early, but even then they are so unorganized that I’m still here waiting as I’m typing this review. Terrible. Go to Surterraread more
Your Not Alone
Your Not A.
13:34 14 Jan 21
I have been to them all and hands down Grow Healthy Ocala is by far the best place that goes above and beyond for there customers, when it comes to customer service, online platforms with detailed info on product or product availability(no dispensary is perfect but they are the closest with availability)in addition, the wait time is minimal compared to other competitors in the area. Spencer and his crew maintain professionalism even when it’s hard too and I have seen some of these customers and believe me, it’s hard too. Keep up the awesome work all it’s well appreciated!read more
Jasminda perez
Jasminda P.
16:22 10 Jan 21
Always friendly great fast service especially mike an dem boys over der ....
02:05 02 Jan 21
They did it again. Hooked it up with the 1/8 ounce all in one beautiful bud. Thanks GrowHealthy!#stardawg
Nick Brown
Nick B.
17:49 30 Dec 20
Great dispensary! I love their discounts and selection of herb.
Kevin Hermon
Kevin H.
00:37 22 Dec 20
Quick, friendly service; accurate and functional website; biggest veteran’s discount in the state; beautifully finished and furnished interior; incredibly quality products, time after time, without fail. No one else in Florida is as consistently great as Grow Healthy and their knowledgeable, friendly staff makes it all even more
W. Stirling Wright
W. Stirling W.
21:55 18 Dec 20
Incredible products and staff. Double Thumbs Up. 👍👍
William Metcalfe jr
William Metcalfe J.
20:52 22 Nov 20
Staff was very helpful and friendly. I will going back . I purchased the littles and was impressed.
Sandra Reyes
Sandra R.
17:40 11 Nov 20
The place is totally awesome. Very clean great customer service awesome supplies. I give them a 5 star
Austin Garrett
Austin G.
23:01 07 Nov 20
The product was good, the guy at the desk made my profile wrong. My stickers are invalid now...The service is super slow, for one patient at a time. It took longer to dispense it than for me to more
Shannon Moeser
Shannon M.
16:29 30 Oct 20
Went there today, and had alot of interest new products and met Amy the manager! She was absolutely fantastic! She was able to answer all of my questions! She is extremely knowledgeable about their products! Finally found someone who knows their stuff! Sad to hear it was her last day, she was promoted and is moving stores! But completely understand moving on up! Congrats and thank you so much! Brittany helped me as well she was very helpful and pleasant! I highly recommend the wookie girl rso!!read more
Ronald Prosser
Ronald P.
20:15 19 Oct 20
Very helpful. Although they aren't allowed to receive tips for there service when they are doing the customer service just like a Starbucks is. They should have an advocate for them to review tips plus these more
Christian Roman
Christian R.
06:09 09 Oct 20
They had me in and out very quickly with no hassle, and delivered a quality product that will have me coming back for more
Gia Pecora
Gia P.
16:58 30 Sep 20
Fabulous location. Very large inside store. Everything is laid out nicely and the employees are kind and very helpful.
22:14 22 Sep 20
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable on their products. Medication they provide is excellent quality
Tyler Ewing
Tyler E.
22:11 20 Sep 20
The place is clean and customer service was great too. If it wasn't so far away it would be my regular spot. Good Sunday hours more
Elizabeth Mendez
Elizabeth M.
21:53 13 Sep 20
Awesome 😊
18:33 11 Sep 20
Very friendly and helpful 🙂, products are nice
Lisa Camacho
Lisa C.
22:12 10 Sep 20
The staff are always very friendly. The store itself is lovely. The long wait is the only bad part.
Howard Ferguson
Howard F.
16:16 10 Sep 20
They have good quality best priced weed
Andrew Levine
Andrew L.
15:28 07 Sep 20
Great place with friendly service and some of the best product in florida
Bryan Sharp
Bryan S.
19:14 30 Aug 20
Does no offer discount when you renew your card threw the state unlike trulieve and muv who do
Lambert  Collins
Lambert C.
18:50 18 Aug 20
Grow healthy has a good staff and most of the time good product but they don't have a full line of products. No wax, shatter, rosin, ectread more
Daniel Perotti
Daniel P.
03:46 08 Aug 20
If you go to other dispensary in Ocala your missing out. Best flower in Ocala hands down. OGood prices
Guy Dabs
Guy D.
18:23 06 Aug 20
Best flower around!!! Duck Keys
Jonathan Curlin
Jonathan C.
19:19 11 Jul 20
Customer service is horrible ,they still owe me a discount that they won't honor,conflicting stories between their call center and ocala office. Great quality on medicine though,top more
Billy Howell
Billy H.
19:07 08 Jul 20
I just tried my first product, Wookie Girl, from the Ocala, Fl location. Amy walked me through the products. She was incredibly knowledgeable and completely professional and yet brought a very real and personal experience to the whole process. Already I can tell the Wookie Girl is a perfect choice for me and I look forward to getting Amy's advice on other choices as more
N.Patrick Lowe
N.Patrick L.
14:37 07 Jul 20
Phenomenal RSO, the cleanest and most effective in the entire State of Florida! My tolerance is such that I could never afford to deal with my daily back pain by smoking flower or using vapes in this system here. Sad that they aren't really producing more
Michael Van Horn
Michael Van H.
22:40 26 Jun 20
Ok yes ya'll definitely get a 5 Jess and everyone else is great and very friendly, but that new guy with the pony tail that's in front is the rudest person I've ever met, if y'all dont have masks he should have been "oh we dont have any" not in a rude way, like there's a way to be nice to a person,he's messed up my order 3 times. And another thing, he told a cancer patient the wrong information, he said that cbd has NO MEDICAL VALUE!!!!! like what???He gave a CANCER PATIENT wrong information and that's more
Danni  Solomon
Danni S.
17:30 19 Jun 20
Changing my rating. They ended up taking better care of me this time and answered all my questions. They also offer 20% off for active ebt users. Excited to try my product!read more
Ur Buddy Evan
Ur Buddy E.
17:10 19 Jun 20
Talk about a rip off. Makes sense why no one was in this location. Got a 3.5 oz 1/8 jar of marijuana flower with only 2 small buds sitting in. They could have easily filled it up at least. Paid 50 bucks for 2 small buds. Went to curaleaf. They offered the same size, 35 dollars. And filled it to the brim. Curaleaf is so far the best company I have come across in Florida. Staff is knowledgeable and gives a great price on their products. Plus your getting way more with Curaleaf and their awesome discounts they offer. As of now, I will not be returning to grow more
Danni  Solomon
Danni S.
13:45 16 Jun 20
I was going to go out of my way and give this dispensary a shot. I usually go to Trulieve or MUV since both are only 15 min from my home and Grow Healthy is 45+ in Ocala. I did an online pick up order for my first time with GH and I received and email AND a txt message saying my order was being processed and I would get another txt when my order was ready. Well I never got the 2nd txt and I waited 2 days so I called the Ocala location I placed my order with and the guy who I talked to informed me either my info was incorrect (wrong! I already told him 3 times I got an email AND a txt saying it's being processed) so then he says if it's not my contact info then they didn't have the product or couldn't fulfill my order. If that was the case then their location should have notified me that day instead of making me wait for my MEDICINE. Basically their customer service is terrible and they wasted my time. I was actually looking forward to trying their products but I definitely won't waste my own time again and I definitely won't be driving 45+ min to try them now either. Plust their flower is $50 for 3.5 and I can get it way cheaper at Trulieve and muv. Very disappointed Grow Healthy. The only reason I have 1 star is cause the flower on their website looked incredible!read more
MacKenzie Christie
MacKenzie C.
00:47 10 Jun 20
My first experience at Grow Healthy Ocala was an extremely pleasant one. I needed help with an online order and the representative I spoke to via email was extremely accommodating. They run a promotion of 25% off your first purchase so that’s awesome to try things out. I got some “little” buds for a great price point and everything looked and smelled wonderful. Grow Healthy has some of the best flower I’ve seen so far in the program so I definitely recommend them for that. Plus the assistant manager Michael was really kind and patient and even helped me get my CanPay app to work which was a godsend! Thanks for a great more
Nydia Santiago
Nydia S.
19:31 22 May 20
Order ready for pick up in just half an hour after calling, flower usually in stock, and all the budtenders are all super sweet. Great service and product~read more
02:25 04 Apr 20
I love visiting the store in Ocala, Florida. The employee's are so friendly and always wearing a smile. So very helpful and take the time to teach you what you need to know, plus... A true pleasure.When I call for delivery, the Call Center Operators, have the same qualities, as store employees. (smile is unknown).Short hold time to contact Operator, easily placed order.I had the greatest experience w/ an Operator named, Cheyenne, out of the Florida panhandle. She answered all my questions, of the product's that I inquired about. Over and above all.So friendly and knowledgeable.P.S. you really need to start delivering flower.Also, my Military Discount makes my patronage possible.Thanks, Bob Huntoonread more
Edward Ruggles
Edward R.
21:28 10 Mar 20
U cannot find a more compassionate dispensary , that has the best bud tenders who can give the best suggestions. Every time I go here I feel like my family works here...and they are the best more
Toni Giuffrida-Gaydas
Toni G.
20:40 01 Mar 20
I was seriously impressed with Grow Healthy and it’s staff. Jonathan assisted me when I called and offered to set up my profile prior to my visit so that I wasn’t waiting while I was there to initiate the process. When I arrived I was greeted very warmly. My sales associate Jess was very helpful, incredibly knowledgeable, and I learned more in the fifteen minutes I spent with her than the entire year I have had my medical marijuana card. Area dispensaries need to step up their game with regards to educating the patients.Everyone was incredibly nice! The Manager Emily was very nice and helpful as well. I know someone looking for employment that has worked in this industry in CA and she was very helpful with advising on how they should apply. I will definitely be giving additional business to Grow Healthy. Thank youread more
James Gentile
James G.
22:50 28 Feb 20
Excellent flower probably the best in town. They need to keep more in stock. They sell out quickly. I would like to see more strains as well. Friendly helpful staffread more
Kyle Corley
Kyle C.
16:31 28 Feb 20
Incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff, great variety, and a wonderful discount system to help recoup mmu registry costs on the first and second visit. Definitely will be back 👍read more
21:41 26 Feb 20
Great products, customer service & discounts. Too bad they were out of flower or I would have spent more.
Alucardsmommy L
Alucardsmommy L
21:41 26 Feb 20
Great products, customer service & discounts. Too bad they were out of flower or I would have spent more.
Brian Adams
Brian A.
16:22 25 Feb 20
Long wait. Only one person helping customers most days.
Colin Lewis
Colin L.
15:21 07 Jan 20
KJ was the most helpful team member when I was there. Thank you for the greatness you’re helping the community with. 🙏🏻read more
Dwayne Josephson
Dwayne J.
03:15 06 Jan 20
I just wanted to take a moment and express what an excellent experience I had at your location. Everyone was very nice and helpful with all my questions. All the products I got were fantastic! Thanks Mike!read more
Angie Cates
Angie C.
19:54 27 Dec 19
Beautiful, relaxing environment and such nice staff. I can’t say enough about this dispensary. The product actually tastes like it hints at and it’s amazing and definitely works. I will be back the next time I need a dispensary, no doubt....Thanks guys very much. It’s so nice to have a great Dispensary in Ocala!read more
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