GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando

7858 Turkey Lake Rd - Suite 102
Orlando, FL 32819

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Orlando Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 7858 Turkey Lake Rd in Orlando, FL 33411 is open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Orlando is here to service Orlovista, Windermere, Williamsburg and throughout Orange County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Orlando include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

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GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Orlando, Orlovista, Windermere, Williamsburg and Orange County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Nick Mageloff
Nick M.
08:27 20 Oct 20
Really nice location for access to Universal or Sea World. Very friendly staff. Sal at the front desk is amazing and was even kind enough to inform me that because it was the first time at this location I get a first time patient discount which was a very welcome bit of news! It’s also nice to know of another location and as always the design of this location is a really more
Domo Fresco
Domo F.
14:51 01 Oct 20
Take advantage of the first time shopper deals! When they have flour in the selection is good and the product is fresh. I would strongly recommend the Rick Simpson oil, happy shoppingread more
Nick Mageloff
Nick M.
17:10 30 Sep 20
Really nice location for access to Universal or Seat World. Very friendly staff. Sal at the front desk is amazing and was even kind enough to inform me that because it was the first time at this location I get a first time patient discount which was a very welcome bit of news! It’s also nice to know of another location and as always the design of this location is a really more
Keith Boughton
Keith B.
18:33 24 Sep 20
I highly recommend this dispensary. I’ve been to 5 different dispensaries in Orlando. GrowHealthy’s flower quality is the best in Orlando by a large margin. You will not be disappointed. Always fresh, potent and very accurate to their medicinal effects described on their website. Their cartridges are very tasty as well. Especially their fruitful cartridges. Very accurate to taste of fruit advertised. They almost always have plenty of inventory in stock. Bonus points for 6 stars… GrowHealthy offers the best Veteran and Veterans spouse discount in Orlando at 30%!!!Their website is updated daily and accurate to their current inventory, but with 1 exception; their concentrates. Website lists inventory unavailable, yet they have stock in store. However, I was told their rosin is a new product, so this may be the cause of delay with website. Unlike other dispensaries in Orlando, they have no problem adjusting your order once you’re in the store, even if you placed it online for pickup.Staff is always professional, nice and very knowledgeable. Although, I do recommend that you arrive no later than 8pm (1hr before they close) if you want to do a walk-in order. I have seen the front desk receptionist turn away walk-in patients during their last 30min of business hours. But I have also seen them accept walk-in patients during last 30min of business hours. I’m unsure what causes the more
Dona Hart
Dona H.
12:51 20 Sep 20
It was wonderful to meet Bonnie. She was very friendly and helpful. She explained all procedures. This was my first order and everything was perfect!read more
23:47 18 Sep 20
Great service as always
mitchell dangler
mitchell D.
19:01 18 Sep 20
Slowest dispensary I’ve ever been to. Two people took 35 minutes? SMH
JC c
JC c
17:04 18 Sep 20
Good customer service, wait a little longer than my usual dispensary. But usual time as other dispensaries…. But very good products.I Reccomend !!read more
bryman 86
bryman 8.
00:57 15 Sep 20
Love this place. Great product for fair price. I look forward to trying there new delivery service. I highly recommend for heavy smokers and new smokers who need information. There staff is highly qualified and will steer u the right way when it’s comes to medicating. Thanks GH CHEERS!!read more
Kermit Gonzalez
Kermit G.
22:18 14 Sep 20
Awesome service and knowledge bud tenders. Keep up the awesome work!
Shane Ruberg
Shane R.
21:10 14 Sep 20
Only waited a minute for my first time pick up order. Everyone nice.
Brittany Lane
Brittany L.
16:01 08 Sep 20
Ordered online Sunday, got the text my Order was ready for pickup. So I drove over an hour, in a torrential downpour that day, only to arrive and have a terrible customer service experience.The girl at the front desk, colorful hair, didn’t catch her name, didn’t even greet me with a hello upon entering. She simply told me “we won’t be able to get to you today”, to which I responded “I have an online order and was told to come in”. She sat there, with a blank stare like I was speaking to the wall. A man came up, Aaron, and without asking for my ID, or name, or anything to verify my order said the same “we close at 8, we won’t get to you today.” But I drove over AN HOUR, and just got the text that it was ready! It’s 7:30, you close at 8, there’s 6 customers here, what’s the issue?!I asked for a manager, blue hair told me “Aaron is the manager”. I told her the customer service sucks there and left. First & last time, never again. Go to more
linda vanrhyn
linda V.
19:39 03 Sep 20
Made an online purchase. Got a text that my order was ready. I get to pick it up two hours later and they tell me I have to wait 45 min to an hour or that I can come back. Why would you send a patient that their order is ready if you are going to make them wait 45 min to an hour first time here definitely not coming back. Never had this experience in a dispensary before .read more
dulce aldana
dulce A.
23:43 01 Sep 20
I love coming here just for the service! Every one is helpful and nice. Gabriel offered up information about caring for your cannabis that is essential but not widely known. There is also never a long wait time! I will definitely come back here and recommend to my friends! 🙂read more
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan G.
11:27 30 Aug 20
Just need more good stuff not the something s@#$ all the time
juanita brown
juanita B.
06:56 26 Aug 20
Sooo this was my second time here, my first experience wasn’t too good. Could’ve been because they were closing soon. Anyway, Gabe is AWESOME!!!!! Very helpful and patient! Gabe you rock bro! 5 stars for your customer service!read more
14:53 25 Aug 20
I have to give the benefit of the doubt that COVID-19 had a bit to do with my negative experience here; but it still was not handled well at all. COVID-19 is the only reason you have 2 stars instead of one because I have to at least hope that during normal operations the staff doesn’t handle things nearly as abysmally.I was a first time patient. I pulled up an parked in one of the 3 designated spots. As I was getting out of my car there was already someone at my window with a clipboard. He informed me that due to COVID nobody was allowed inside. I explained that I was a first time patient but I essentially knew what I wanted and asked about their selection.They had none. I wanted an Indica vapor cartridge- I wasn’t even particular about the strain- and he informed me that they only had hybrids. So I say fine and I ordered what was available. I gave him all my info and my card which he takes inside and puts me in their system.I ask about payment. He told me I either needed cash or to use a special 3rd party website. I wasn’t aware of this (which is on me and I get that but at the time I was a first time patient so I think I get a pass) but I tell him that I will be right back with cash, so I drive off to an ATM. TO BE CLEAR: at this point he has my order, my patient card/ID and has made an account for me with them. I am driving away to get payment and he goes inside to fill my order (I presume.) I also called the office inside as I drove away to make sure that there was no miscommunication- I was to return in a few minutes with payment for an order that was currently being filled. I am instructed to call back when I return.So I return with the cash, I call as instructed and I’m told there are 9 people in front of me now. 9 People in front of me- even though I already placed my order, even though they already put me into their system, even though there weren’t 9 people there when I placed the order- also remember there’s only 3 spaces reserved for their patients in their tiny lot shared with other businesses so I was idling in the road at this point. When I finally watched someone leave to get their spot I then waited there for another 2 hours watching other people get their prescriptions filled and drive away.Finally after failing to get the GrowHealthy staff member’s attention a couple times I just decided to call around to other dispensaries. I called Trulieve at Millennia just 12 minutes down the road. I asked how long for a new patient in and out and they told me 30 minutes max.The guy knew this even though he wasn’t physically there- this dude was at a call center.I walked out of Trulieve with my new prescription 40 minutes later- right as GrowHealthy decided to call me to tell me my prescription was ready. Hilarious at this point right?Anyway don’t go here go to Trulieve, way better experience with a much better more
Kathryn Dixon
Kathryn D.
15:52 08 Aug 20
My first time here and everyone was so nice and Informative!! Sal was great with sharing her Experiences with medical marijuana. Toni was very helpful with my purchases. Def go there again!!read more
K.wayne Mcgaha
K.wayne M.
20:43 07 Aug 20
Good safe location. Extremely clean store wth great signage.and ample displays. Hat’s off to the reps. They do a great job of explaining all there is to know. Thank You Frances with a E., Great more
Chris Wojcek
Chris W.
18:48 04 Aug 20
The process isn’t perfect yet, but you can tell they’re making great strides. And the quality of the products is much better than a lot of the other brands in the arearead more
Helio Bueno
Helio B.
23:26 01 Aug 20
Courtesy, professionalism and high quality. Thank you GrowHealthy for the delivery service. Now I can reduce my 🤢 nausea and recover my appetite. 😁 I’m a cancer guy and recommend more
Rick hicks
Rick H.
23:14 28 Jul 20
So I am currently waiting for the 4:50 delivery. No contact from anyone. They close at 7 so I’m not sure if it will come. They sent an email and a text with the time. Talked to the store and they couldn’t get a hold of trailblazer. The products are awesome when they come in through.7:14 just was told they sold out. So what did they confirm when I ordered?read more
T Dennis
T D.
01:43 13 Jul 20
The best dispensary around by far!The staff is great very helpful. Im currently on my medicine so i cant remember everyone that help me but the staff is wonderful. I would recommend anyone with a card to visit here more
Lovely Smidge
Lovely S.
16:21 08 Jul 20
Great product! The prices are a bit higher than most dispenseries I’ve been too, but the flower is amazing. I stopped in from out of town. The staff that helped me was not great and they didn’t fill my online order properly or notify me when it was finished. Front desk staff was nice tho!read more
Francisco Perez
Francisco P.
15:44 01 Jul 20
Today was my first time at Growhealthy and I couldn’t be happier. Gabriel was very attentive and knowledgeable, he understood that I was new to the program and that I previously had a terrible experience at a different dispensary. He gave me a concise description of every product they carry and answered everything question I had with calm even when I asked dumb questions, it definitely feels nice when you are treated with professionalism while also feeling like you’ve been friends for a long time. I’ll 100% be coming back to this location not only for the quality of the products but for the quality of more
Ceejay Claudio
Ceejay C.
14:05 29 Jun 20
Melissa Torres
Melissa T.
23:02 26 Jun 20
When you visit ask for Dwight. He’s very knowledgeable and gives great costumer service. Great location and staff are very nice and friendly. Definitly recommend itread more
Carlos Recinos
Carlos R.
19:16 18 Jun 20
First time here and it was fantastic! The staff was friendly and helpful as soon you walk in and my budtender, Dwight, was super helpful in finding my stuff and plus told me about future promotions and secret drops! Fire atmosphere! Will definitely be coming back!! 🔥🔥read more
Gemma Lou
Gemma L.
04:34 18 Jun 20
Dwight helped me and was knowledgeable and personable… this location is so convenient to me I wish they had more specials… that’s the only downside. 5 stars for the service and products when they have everything in stock… 3 for the availability of products actually in stock without having to stalk the site. I really want watermelon tincture… and good incentives at this more
Sandra Amador
Sandra A.
17:13 05 Jun 20
BEST DISPENSARY I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO . They have great discounts and 🔥 products! Their associates Johnny , Shelley , Joyce were so helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. I will be a forever patient with you guys 😁😁😁😁read more
Scott Applegate
Scott A.
22:11 24 May 20
Biggest veterans discount in town. Nice people. Efficient delivery, same day in some cases. Quality in general is the same all over but grow healthy wins in my more
Taylor M
Taylor M
19:41 24 May 20
Took a turn for the worse…. Listen to all the RECENT reviews — Too many other competent dispensaries to be treated poorly with no consideration to others time. It’s not their inventory control system. Good more
Tommy Huynh
Tommy H.
15:52 23 May 20
Placed an order on 05/20/20 around 1pm for same day pick up, i got an email later in the day saying the order was delayed and they would hold until tomorrow 8pm. I called them multiple times throughout the day and each person was unable to tell me an update on my order. i showed up to the location and it was not ready. Now they tell me they have sold out on some of my items i had in my order and i have to rearrange my schedule to buy from another dispensary. very unpleasant experience, they offer same day pick up but i have to pick it up 3 days later and half of my order is sold out. will likely not be returning to purchase from here more
Dave Pinsky
Dave P.
15:52 22 May 20
Great quality products! Q is the man. Customer service professional. Waited over an hour after arriving and calling in. Q was the only associate to acknowledge me while waiting in the parking lot. Definitely outrunning all other Team members. 2-1. Keep this man more
Simone Laing
Simone L.
16:58 20 May 20
This use to be the best dispensary to go to when G was manager. You can tell that all staff changed, and the service is now garbage. It’s sad. You have lost a loyal customer after more
Estefania Sarraff
Estefania S.
21:37 09 May 20
First things first, the guy with the ponytail on the light eyes needs to be fired immediately and never to be hired again at any dispensary. As a repeat customer, I’m actually pretty disappointed in the experience that I had today but won’t waste anymore time on writing it. Experience it for yourselves or take my word for more
Felipe Guagliardo
Felipe G.
14:22 04 May 20
Great Experience!! Rudy was extremely patient And Very helpful on the phone helping me! I can always count on him to get the job done!read more
rey garcia
rey G.
02:23 28 Apr 20
Some of the best flower in Florida and very convenient ordering process. Highly recommend Growhealthy especially if you’re looking for quality flowers!!read more
Trent wALKER
Trent W.
22:13 23 Apr 20
Usually have a great experience at this location, but in this case I received a text letting me know my pick up was ready, I have been now waiting outside for 2 hours. If you are busy that’s fine but don’t tell me to come and have me wait for 2 hours, you are not respecting my time. Not very pleased, and associates were not very professional. Ps: Had 4 people that showed up after me received there orders before more
Caroline Stumpf
Caroline S.
21:16 06 Apr 20
They have the best and most knowledgable staff. Always friendly and welcoming. And product is great too!This is the only dispensary I go to more
Don Juan .
Don Juan .
19:04 25 Mar 20
High quality products and superb customer service. Excellent variety of flower and the distillate concentrate they use in their carts may be the best of all the dispensaries in Orlando. Wait times are also nice, which are usually no more than 5-10 more
Raul Gamboa
Raul G.
21:13 07 Mar 20
Awesome staff, patient and helpful. I think an express line for online pick up orders and rolling weekly deals could help make this store feel more more
R Strobel
R S.
19:09 24 Feb 20
Totally different from the dispensaries I’ve been in California. This place is for people looking for high quality products and very professional costumer service. This is the second place I visited after getting my license and I’m a regular now. Great atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable as you walk in. I’m not very familiar with the employees but there’s an employee called Jade she’s phenomenal and very knowledgeable and polite and there’s another employee I think he goes by “Q”, he’s got awesome costumer service skills and he will explain everything for you with all the details. I recommend this place to everyone 👍🏻read more
Avery G Smith
Avery G S.
05:36 15 Feb 20
Very cool. Nice layout, Q was awesome, as were the other three people. Li,ll pricey, but quality product. Need to work on better t-shirts . Super good more
Catherine Falardeau
Catherine F.
02:30 06 Feb 20
This is my second time purchasing with my medical card. Service great after the initial visit, understandable since new patients must register. Good selection, staff very friendly. Kind of hard to find, you must drive around a more
richard grey
richard G.
03:56 17 Jan 20
Most excellent dispensary. Friendly, knowledgeable agents that know their product deliver fast service with all the awesome lighted menus, flower and gizmos u would come to expect and need in a complete dispensary supplier… 5 stars ladies and gents 5 stars. (Oh did i mention the MAGNIFICENT veterans discount.) (Or the 1st time visit bonus???) 5 yallread more
Stephanie Flint
Stephanie F.
23:15 30 Dec 19
I love this place! Everyone is very knowledgeable about all of their products and helpful getting you what you need. And everyone is ready cool and down to earth.❤️❤️❤️read more
Couple Of Naturals
Couple Of N.
19:10 05 Nov 19
HIGHly recommended. EXCELLENT first impression made by Alex B and Shelly!!! Warm welcome and an appreciated tour into the facility ! They definitely have a great process to make a customer feel relaxed and comfortable! Very knowledgeable staff with an abundant amount of information. I later returned to pick up and met the other Alex (Detroit) and Jade. Again, A GREAt experience. TWICE in one day by the next shift ! The Flower ….. let’s just say the OTHER of my TOP 2 Recommended ! Great options. Concept is Mind, Body and Balance ! Easy to remember. Great product selection. Great prices. Great discounts. Hours of operation until 9pm which is so convenient for many !!! GROW HEALTHY – I’m here for it !!! Excellent flower and staff !!!!read more
Marina Jordan
Marina J.
21:21 11 Oct 19
The product quality is good, prices are decent, staff is polite. My only issue is the waiting room. It’s so small, with only room for about 5-6 people to sit, and even then you’d be shoulder to shoulder. Its such a small room that it also gets a bit too warm for comfort in the waiting area. Other dispensaries in the area with similar product quality and prices have much better waiting rooms with proper AC and adequate more
Ibet Morales
Ibet M.
22:37 12 Jul 19
Cj is the bomb and edge they both need a special cookie!
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