GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Pensacola

7817 N Davis Highway
Pensacola, FL 32514

Hours of Operation:

8am – 9pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Pensacola Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 7817 N Davis Highway Pensacola, FL 32514 is open for business. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Pensacola is here to service Ensley, Brent, Bellview and Escambia County in general.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Ensley, Brent, Bellview and throughout Escambia County.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Melanie Spitzer
Melanie S.
14:16 21 Oct 21
Love these products and the people that work here are very easy going. If you're looking for a better quality of product this is definitely the way to go. Thank you grow more
Josh Ozley
Josh O.
18:47 16 Oct 21
Definitely one of the best dispensaries in the area. Not only are the products better, and more consistent than others; the staff is very friendly, and very helpful. Probably my favorite hands more
zo helena
zo H.
21:41 15 Oct 21
Currently my go-to dispensary. Always good quality product. Got some littles today and they aren’t little at all, so it exceeds any expectations. and it’s filled to the very top with beautiful good quality buds. Good sales too, definitely worth it. All the employees are friendly and professional. Definitely would recommend GH to anyone!read more
Mikah Hillman
Mikah H.
21:30 07 Oct 21
Great Bud, great experience, awesome medtender. The Strawberry Haze has got me at the moment but, I think his name was Gregory or Ethan either way he did an awesome job and I'm going to edit the review to the right name when I see him again. Thanks everyone!read more
Chris Woerner
Chris W.
10:35 30 Sep 21
Overall I had a good experience here. They had the best selection of potent flower in Pensacola at the time and coupled with the 40% off I couldn't resist. That being said I think they're a little understaffed. The wait time was about the only disappointment. That's why only 4 more
06:56 10 Sep 21
Amazing quality flower! Kind and knowledgeable staff, Zoey was very helpful in guiding me to exactly what I needed.
Steven Williams
Steven W.
02:50 29 Aug 21
I don’t shop here often enough but tonight changed that! Grow healthy offers the most amazing discounts for veterans and the quality of the product is out of this world! I can’t wait to see the growth of this brand!read more
Katherine Davis
Katherine D.
00:46 27 Aug 21
Tyler is the worst employer I have ever come in counter with. We will never return after spending thousands for medicinal purpose. Had a priority pick up 24 hours ago. I understand Kim is the new manager. She should seriously reconsider who she keeps as an employer after my 3rd complaint to the previous manager(s). Will definitely be taking my business elsewhere. Absolutely zero respect. Need answers as to why this employee continues to belittle customers like us for more
PiperJane Gaming & Chill
PiperJane Gaming & C.
00:16 15 Aug 21
I have Multiple Sclerosis & the crew here are all super educated on their products & have helped me achieve a much better quality of day to day options for all of the ailments this disease brings.. the quality of their products are very good! on any given day of the week i can get flower over 20% (not that numbers always matter)..& their website gives you the %'s! .. ive never left GH disappointed! the wait is usually 10 minutes or less.. if they have one at all. if you're looking for a steady, reliable goto dispensary.. this is the one!read more
Parrish Stevenson
Parrish S.
22:53 12 Aug 21
Order and they fill it. Best place in the panhandle always fresh flower.
Bobby Kitchens
Bobby K.
20:21 07 Aug 21
I'd give a great 5 star rating, but I've only been able to find blueberry frutful here once in nearly a month, and it's PERFECT for pain. If they can keep items in stock, I'll update to 5 stars.8/7/21read more
frank carron
frank C.
12:43 13 Jul 21
When will this Company start offering flower at higher THC levels? Many other States have flower in or near the 30% levels while currently we in Pensacola see levels averaging only around 20%. Flower is good there but could more
Sunsiarae Swatzel
Sunsiarae S.
02:24 29 Jun 21
I went with a lady friend and we had a great time. The young man explained everything to her. She's cancer free, thank you Lord! She deals with the pain in her legs and arms. She needed help with her sleeping, her pain and her appetite. Thank you for helping more
Alex Mandel
Alex M.
16:44 20 Jun 21
The staff is excellent! Hunter was professional and fast with my checkout. Plus hunter was very helpful in my questions on products that I haven’t used, I think the staff knows the customers level of knowledge on their products and doesn’t mess around when it comes to customers needs and filling them in with quick knowledge. Love all the products that come out of here, the live rosin is the best in town at the best price point! secret tip~ if your running low on inhalation mgs, you can put their live rosin on your oral intake, no worries if your inhalation is low read more
Kristen Lerch
Kristen L.
16:28 19 Jun 21
This dispensary has way better flower than any other one around.
Parker Jordan
Parker J.
15:20 11 Jun 21
A great dispensary, and when they have flower in stock, it is of the best and most natural quality in the area. If you compare flower to the other dispensaries in the area, the flower at Grow Healthy looks how cannabis should look. It’s not overly dried and compressed, and the body of the buds has nice structure.Overall it was a great more
Sherri Veal
Sherri V.
23:01 22 May 21
Product: Birds of ParadiseI'll sum it up by saying, after 2 hits of Birds, I was trying to watch TV couldn't get my remote to work. I just spent 45 minutes playing AAA battery switcheroo with every remote in the house and looking high and low for AAA Batteries only to give up and just go watch the game on another TV (there's like 5 other choices right) ok so I said FORGET IT and went in to watch the game on another aTV and that's when I realized that not only had I been using the wrong remote control it was the WRONG TV ALTOGETHER!!! I'm not sure if that means 5he same thing or not but 5he point is....BIRDS OF PARADISE IS THE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥The End. 🙆🏽‍♀️read more
frank carron
frank C.
04:36 02 May 21
Staff is great. The reason I could not give 5 stars is that this store frequently is out of decent flower. Hard to imagine a dispensary that cannot keep an adequate stock of more
James Benfell
James B.
19:59 11 Apr 21
Great place with very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful staff. I was a bit apprehensive my first time going in but everything was explained quite well and did not feel rushed at all. Oh, and it looks nothing like an old waffle house on the inside 😁read more
Abednego feliciano
Abednego F.
01:45 26 Mar 21
Very awesome down to earth folks. Friendly clean and always have great deals. Love my vets discount.
Nicholas Howell
Nicholas H.
17:57 18 Mar 21
Came in a few weeks ago. Collin was the guy they had helping me. His indepth knowledge of avaliable products and customer service were unmatched. Great discounts as well. I'll be a repeating more
Kathryn Williams
Kathryn W.
15:00 14 Mar 21
Had a great wait time. Great first time discounts. Love grow healthy products. Definitely one of my favorite more
Jennifer Rowell
Jennifer R.
17:19 08 Mar 21
I absolutely love this place ! Kimberly today was fabulous at Pensacola location. Medicine is awesome and you are always in amd out with no wait time. Wookie Girl is one of my favoritesread more
Katherine Davis
Katherine D.
13:36 06 Mar 21
Super friendly staff, always clean in their and several of them are extremely knowledgeable on and questions or concerns you might have. I go every week and have never had a problem with them once! I won’t go anywhere else!!read more
Ed Richardson
Ed R.
17:39 05 Mar 21
What a great group of people who are Very friendly and helpful in learning about all Medicinal applications. So much to still learn but they are there for you. Being a Veteran, Best Prices offered!Thank you more
Mikey Armstrong
Mikey A.
13:47 04 Mar 21
The staff makes all the difference. Yeah the flower is wonderful. The fruitful line is very tasty. They offer discounts for SNAP, disability, and the best Vet discount in town at 30%. But like I said. The staff makes all the difference. They’re very knowledgeable of their products. They’re great at taking care of their patients. They take time to listen to you and what you’re looking for. Then help you to choose what will be best for you. Always smiling and happy to see you. Happy to take the time to help. Unlike other places here that just want you in and out so they can move on to the next sale. The people at GrowHealthy are the best. My only complaint is the no tipping rule. As an appreciative patient of the service I’m given here. My verbal thanks doesn’t always feel like it is enough to give back. I and a lot of other patients of this dispensary would like to be able to tip these wonderful people. GrowHealthy needs to remove the no tipping rule immediately.Keep doing the great work you all always do. Thanks for always brightening my day. You are all the best at what you do. Don’t let the rude people that come in there bring you down.To the rude patients. Don’t take your anger out on these people. They’re just doing their jobs. You don’t know what they deal with everyday that comes through those doors. They hear every sad story each patient has about their conditions. Some are terminal and very heartbreaking. So don’t take your frustrations out on them. It’s not their fault. Plus you’ll probably be told to get over yourself and stop being rude by other patients there. Like me, I’ll stand for them when they can’t. They’ve earned my respect and for that I have their backs.Love y’all GrowHealthy peeps. ❤️read more
Staff has always been friendly & very knowledgeable when asked questions. Have always been fairly quick service. Good discounts for EBT, Vets, Seniors, etc. I prefer going to growhealthy over any other dispensary in Pensacola more
Sean King
Sean K.
05:05 28 Jan 21
Good flower with a sale price. The staff was friendly. Sales guy knew the strains and he answered my questions. Growhealthy is a good stop on your rotation but traffic can be bad in that arearead more
Chelsea Lnormandin
Chelsea L.
21:30 24 Jan 21
My husband says they are great with customer service and product.. however I don't like the location, getting out can be a more
Junie Broe
Junie B.
21:31 20 Jan 21
Long haired tall gentleman always makes me feel like I’m imposing on him by being there. Pretty good flower though!
Rob Hollis
Rob H.
02:36 17 Jan 21
Staff was very helpful and friendly 🙂. Good prices. Good Vibes.
Christa Maxwell
Christa M.
16:42 09 Dec 20
Their customer service is always awesome. Their bud is the best in town. They are so quick and easy for pick ups its always an enjoyable experienceread more
Hank Stokes
Hank S.
14:57 07 Dec 20
Excellent products and a clean facility. Lauren is one of the best--knowledgeable and friendly. I love this place.
Brian Harrison
Brian H.
19:09 03 Dec 20
I’m a disabled patient. I was run over by a train and have multiple medical issues as a result. I’ve called grow healthy several times and let them know that I’m disabled, having a hard time placing an order, and I could use some extra help; they don’t care. The call center and customer service email ignored me until I said I was going to leave a review about how they treat their disabled customers. That got me a phone call from a manager in the call center that clearly had no interest in helping me. I can’t think of another time I’ve ever directly said to a company that I could use some extra help and been treated this poorly. I’m still unable to complete an order and unable to find anyone at the company that cares.So if you’re looking to get stoned and don’t have medical issues this place is probably great. If you’re a patient that needs some extra help you probably want to go elsewhere. These people don’t care about me or more
tim and heather allman
tim and heather A.
20:17 29 Nov 20
While in a difficult location, Grow Healthy makes your visit worth the extra effort!Taylor is exceptionally personable, professional, and ALL the staff is super helpful! Wait times are minimum, especially for pickup orders.Highly recommend!read more
Amanda Hudson
Amanda H.
00:57 24 Oct 20
This dispensary is clean and well lit. The TV screens showing inventory makes this a Target style shopping experience. If you're new, need help, and/or are looking for a pharmacy-type experience, I would highly recommend this store. I have been more than happy with every product I have more
Joseph Cruz
Joseph C.
01:50 01 Oct 20
they were very informative and helped me very thoroughly. Customer service is A+ every time i come in. Thank you very much Taylor and Lauren. You are a great asset to grow healthy!read more
13:46 24 Sep 20
They have a very friendly vibe, the indoors is clean, simple to read what they do and don't have in stock, the staff are all friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable about their products. Purchased some "Queso Perro" and by far the best medical I've had since I've been in the more
Chris Kaczor
Chris K.
17:52 09 Sep 20
The Staff at you Pensacola location made my experience one of the best that I have had on the Panhandle and I have been to everyone. The product is fantastic keep up the outstanding work. Hannah was a pleasure to conversate with and had extremely wide range of product knowledge she is a asset to your more
Abbey Charles
Abbey C.
20:53 30 Aug 20
Growhealthy Pensacola is one of only two dispensaries I will shop at. They're the ONLY place I get my cartridges from. They are the best I've ever had (and I've had a lot) and truly help me in so many ways. Mike is absolutely phenomenal. I buy about 3 cartridges (amoung other things) a week and have never had an issue. I finally got a cartridge that was defective and would not fire/work (it happens sometimes, unfortunately). Immediately my anxiety went crazy, my heart started racing and I was panicked on what to do. That's a lot of money to just lose. I walked into Growhealthy and Mike Immediately started taking care of me. He spoke to his manager about company procedures and started taking care of me without ANY hassle at all. I was literally in tears and on edge when I arrived, so I know I was not necessarily the most pleasant to deal with right off the bat, and for that I really apologize. I would like to thank Mike for quickly calming my fears and anxieties and getting me a new cartridge. I deal with Mike on most visits and he is always pleasant, friendly and very helpful. Ill be a customer for life. Thank you, Mike and more
Donald Sanchez
Donald S.
18:14 30 Aug 20
Best flower in Pensacola with the highest THC value awesome and very friendly
Giles King
Giles K.
17:37 30 Aug 20
Great place very friendly. In and out no rushing. Staff were great friendly and informative.
23:08 26 Aug 20
Somewhat pricey, but friendly staff, short wait times, and next door to some of the best tacos in the area! Quality more
Chris Schuchard
Chris S.
18:46 04 Aug 20
Best quality flower in Pensacola! Best discounts: 30% off for vets, 20% off for EBT card holders, great first time discounts. I ordered online so it was a quick in & out process, but even walk ins seemed to be out within 20min. Highly recommend. Kim is the best!read more
Brando McLeod
Brando M.
14:08 03 Aug 20
Great selection and the percent seams to be higher than other dispensaries. The location could be better. Traffic here is an more
Kathleen Farmer
Kathleen F.
14:18 01 Aug 20
They are so nice and helpful. This is all new to me and they put all my mind at ease. Will definitely enjoy working with more
frank carron
frank C.
14:37 22 Jul 20
Best Veterans discount in town. 30 percent discount. I also commend this company for not panhandling for tips. The products are medicine. Do you tip the Pharmacist? Some dispensaries have tip jars on every counter, like at Trulieve. This is an unethical practice and I won't go there because of this more
17:51 16 Jul 20
Beautiful facility! Very professional. Thank you Tyler for being the best bud tender around. Best flower in town!
Nick Teal
Nick T.
23:08 12 Jul 20
This was my first time using a dispensary so I was nervous. Quickly after I walked in I was at ease. All employees were super friendly and helpful.Mike helped me narrow down my choices with a ton of product knowledge.On top of that there was no wait time and a nice discount going on.This place is great and I will definitely be back. Highly more
Hailey Manning
Hailey M.
00:47 21 Jun 20
Great experience!! Professional and helpful. The atmosphere was very relaxing!!
Scott Tomlinson
Scott T.
19:01 13 Jun 20
I love this store already. The discounts are much appreciated also! I would recommend Grow Healthy and save money.
15:08 09 Jun 20
Fastest experience I have had at any shop in the city. Was pleasantly surprised that there was absolutely no wait time at 5:00 p.m. when I came in to pick up my order. An even better surprise, was when I got home and realized the quality of their product was as good as their service!read more
Jason Grant
Jason G.
00:48 06 Jun 20
They got lots of choices for RSO so winner in my book ill try flower nx week and they have crumble shatter ect coming soon like the other stores in beginning product lines and amounts will a lil seed😜read more
Tina Lloyd
Tina L.
01:18 04 Jun 20
The people were friendly,knowledgeable, and helpful.
Kasey Carruthers
Kasey C.
21:26 02 Jun 20
Good service.nice friendly ppl
Thomas Lewandowski
Thomas L.
20:04 15 May 20
Very pleased with this one, worth checking out I promise, one of the best flower around, I passed out in my chair until 3am from the wookie girl, slept like a rock that night. Has really helped with pain and anxiety more
Vessel of honour
Vessel of H.
17:11 29 Apr 20
Nice selection of great products.The staff at this location are awesome.The manager Justin is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable on all mmj products.I highly recommend this place,And will be returning myself.Welcome to the neighborhood Grow more
15:09 23 Apr 20
Fast service, excellent quality. Much better than current offerings. Nice employees, easy online ordering.
Jonathan Doman
Jonathan D.
18:00 13 Apr 20
Product is decent, customer service was decent, however what dispensary doesnt give at least a sticker on a grand opening sale? Also no batteries given or offered for the vape pens. Guess I'll stick to the other dispensaries. I only purchased pens here because of the sale. Other dispensaries offer cheaper pens, and better more
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