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1981 Southeast Federal Highway
Stuart, FL

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Be. A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 1981 Southeast Federal Highway in Stuart, FL. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Stuart is here to service Port St Lucie, Palm City, Fort Pierce and Saint Lucie County in general.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Stuart include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

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GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Stuart, Port St Lucie, Palm City, Fort Pierce and throughout Saint Lucie County.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Erika M
Erika M
16:03 13 Mar 20
When this dispensary opened they were a little short staffed. Since then they’ve increased their staff. It is a smaller dispensary so keep in mind there may be slower wait times occasionally. However my experience here has always been positive and the staff has been very sweet, professional, and helpful. Very sensitive to the needs of everyone. I like this location for sure and it’s my go to when Trulieve doesn’t have what I need ❤️ Thanks Growhealthy you guys are great!read more
Debby Sharkey
Debby S.
21:50 12 Mar 20
No matter where you shop, you wait. I’m a regular at WPB and Stuart and received wonderful service. I’ve used delivery and pre order and never had a problem. The best part is how friendly the staff is, both in store and more
T Rishel
T R.
17:36 04 Mar 20
The are a little slow, but that’s due to not properly staffed, and that isn’t there fault. Great customer service, whole staff is awesome to work with. Always a pleasant trip. Thanks more
Todd Edwards
Todd E.
15:57 28 Feb 20
Been here over an hr. 2 people working.15 people in line. I recommend just driving to the wpb store. More in stock. And zero more
14:34 17 Feb 20
EDIT ! G.H. delivered for free 2 free prerolls to make up for short whole flower weight. the 2 pre rolls weighed correctly. so changing from 1 star to 3 stars. if i ever do business with them again, and whole flower weight correct, i may change to 5 stars. for now, i advise weighing all whole flower you buy from G.H. END EDIT. SHORT WEIGHT BY OVER 14% !!! 3. GRAMS, NOT 3.5 ! BETTER WEIGH YOUR FLOWER FROM THIS PLACE ! 45 MINUTE DRIVE EACH WAY, 58 MILES ROUND TRIP 1ST TIME CUSTOMER. called for pickup order, told employee make sure weight correct, and decent looking flower for my 2 1/8ths order as a NEW 1ST TIME CUSTOMER, employee said " sure, no problem. i get there and Immediately notice 1 of the 1/8ths looked underweight, and pointed that out to employee , and that when i got home i would weigh it because it definitely looked short on weight ! got home , and as you can see waaaaay under weight ! if not a 1st time customer, THIS WOULD BE $50 FOR AN 1/8TH OF SEVERELY UNDERWEIGHT FLOWER !!! called the store, lady was rude, and immediately started to talk over me, and just kept yelling call corporate ! THIS IS THE SAME AS IF YOU WENT TO PICK UP A PRESCRIPTION AT A PHARMACY AND YOUR 30 PILL PRESCRIPTION, AND THE PHARMACIST ONLY PUT 25 PILLS IN YOUR PRESCRIPTION BOTTLE ! and the attitude on the short weight, the rudeness, and talking over me is not right ! i am a MEDICAL PATIENT !!! this is not recreational, in fact, i have to wear a full strength prescription only lidocaine patch just to be able to get in the car to be able to drive at all, and i am a senior citizen. my advice, until GROW HEALTHY corrects its weight shortages on its medicinal whole flower- 1 1/8 was right at 3.5, the other was 3 grams only, so that is a 50% RATIO THAT YOUR WHOLE FLOWER WILL BE SEVERELY SHORT ON WEIGHT, is to AVOID GROW HEALTHY like the plague. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with GROW HEALTHY as a 1ST TIME CUSTOMER, and i have done business with trulieve, curaleaf, liberty, vidacann, 3 boys, over 40 different strains, from 5 different dispensaries, and i have NEVER ENCOUNTERED WHOLE FLOWER FROM ANY OTHER DISPENSER THIS SHORT IN WEIGHT ! so this review is not all about the stuart branch, but GROW HEALTHY on general IF this EXTREME SHORT WEIGHT is the same at all their branches. THESE ARE NOT SEALED CONTAINERS, and at $50.00 for 1/8th, you would think they should be. i also rechecked the accuracy of the scale and the weight of the product 3 times ! same result every time. way underweight. premium pricing, but 50% ratio of getting way underweight product. NOT a good or nice way to treat a 1st time customer ! PHOTO POSTED SO EVERYONE CAN SEE THE SEVERELY SHORT WEIGHT FOR more
Erin Phillippe
Erin P.
18:04 16 Feb 20
Love the staff & product
S. T.
S. T.
23:39 14 Feb 20
Too long a wait
Matt Tatem
Matt T.
21:53 14 Feb 20
Hire some staff already...1 staff person filling orders on a Friday night is ridiculous especially with a full waiting room. Not to mention they move like snails here. Our time is valuable and if you want to keep your clients I suggest you pick up the more
Mike Kaiser
Mike K.
00:19 01 Feb 20
I was so excited to see a dispensary finally open near my house. Then I walked into GrowHealthy Stuart.Short staffing means looong wait times. They only have three points of sale, and only two were staffed during my visit. The waiting room was packed at 7 pm on a Friday, and others were waiting in the parking lot. Once you finally make it to the promised land, you'll likely find that they don't have what you came for, because they do not bother to update their online inventory. And of course what they DO have in stock is WAY more expensive than their advertised specials. But what's a little bait-and-switch between friends? Finally, they demand a drivers license in addition to the MMJ card because they must have a "state-issued ID." Do they think I got my card from a gumball machine? An MMJ card IS a state-issued ID.It was not a problem for me, because I had my license on me. But what about people who do not drive?Back to Curaleaf. The short drive is worth more
Ron sneakerfreaker
Ron S.
14:43 15 Jan 20
Growhealthy has been my spot & im VERY greatful they came 2 town! FINALLY!Great products A+!Open early!Fast!
Michael Cross
Michael C.
17:03 13 Jan 20
This is my dream come true thank you from the bottom of my heart much love 😉
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