Hands off her pension! Tampa police, fire stand firm behind Jane Castor after ‘double-dipping’ blast

Tampa police and fire unions are coming to Jane Castor’s rescue after an attack ad launched Thursday evening accusing the former Police Chief of doubling dipping.

The David Straz campaign released a television ad criticizing Castor for planning to “double-dip” if she’s elected Mayor. Castor would continue collecting a $113,000 annual pension she earned after serving 31 years on the Tampa Police force. 

She would also receive the roughly $160,000 Mayor’s salary.

Straz, meanwhile, said he wouldn’t collect a salary at all.

“The men and women of the Tampa Police Department aren’t given anything. They earn the pension they receive through the contributions they make and the hard work that they do every day protecting the citizens of Tampa,” said Abe Carmack, president of the Tampa Police Benevolent Association. “Each and everyday police officers put their lives on the line protecting the citizens of Tampa and, in some instances, make the ultimate sacrifice.”

Straz’s allegations of double-dipping, paired with previous attacks on Castor’s record, infuriated Carmack.

“That attacks all of us,” he said.

The Straz campaign released its own video responding to criticism over its most recent ad.

[embedded content]

“Make no mistake about it,

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