Harvest Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tallahassee, FL

1800 W Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304

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Cash Only
ATM Available On Site


Harvest House of Cannabis in Tallahassee is open at 1800 W Tennessee Street offers a personalized experience to meet your cannabis needs. Serving Perkins, Midway, and Woodville, Harvest cannabis stores are intended to make you visit a home, a safe place, an uplifting establishment free of judgement or pretense.

Harvest marijuana dispensary menu products in Tallahassee are available in a variety of THC and CBD products. Whatever strain or format you prefer, from flowers to tinctures to edibles and everything in between. Harvest has the right cannabis for you.

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor – Tallahassee.

Harvest Products

Harvest Marijuana Deliveries RX

Harvest HOC is not currently participating in medical marijuana delivery yet in Florida. 

Their dispensary menu products are available for sale at their local dispensary locations. To view all open Harvest locations, go here.

Harvest Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Wilma Brown
Wilma B.
21:09 24 Nov 20
Dr. Greene referred me to Harvest because I was having a hard time finding a regimen that was working for me. Muv gave me an extremely high amount of THC and Trulief acted as if I was bothering them. My doctor told me to go to Harvest and ask specifically for Justin because of his expertise. That was the best advice I have received, he was so kind and informative and worked with the doctor to find the best regimen that would benefit me with my neuropathy. I was in tears when I left because of how great the experience was and I was happy to see that he spent the time to educate me. I have never left a review before but I was blown away. Thank you so much!read more
Dougie Walker
Dougie W.
23:16 14 Oct 20
I just got done smoking their newest Distillate and already forgot it’s name. However, my ribs are going to be on point. And my chili is almost done. Thanks Dudes.🤙🏽 in Florida chili season is just hotter.read more
wyatt dineen
wyatt D.
22:35 14 Oct 20
Good experience. The flower is good. I feel like I’ve missed out on a local gem been trying other places and I really like harvest they have top quality flower.read more
Justin Howard
Justin H.
10:19 08 Sep 20
Still my favorite dispensary by far , but why do you sell 1000’s of wax rigs but don’t sell wax , and you sell tons of flower and no pipes ?? You guys are so strange to me .. we got ham but no burger lol . Ps. Get rid of the 3 strains that nobody ever buys and get something decent please , you know exactly what ones talking about , they are the ones that are always available all the time , cuz nobody wants emread more
Hollie Collins
Hollie C.
22:20 31 Aug 20
They are always so friendly! Their products are improving as well! I like the One Night Stand AIO vapes, it is my go-to daytime strain.read more
Alonso S
Alonso S
01:21 03 Aug 20
Great looking store , customer service was awesome, low on inventory but best shop I’ve been so far .
Sonya Burton
Sonya B.
21:45 02 Aug 20
Today was my first time at Harvest and I’m so impressed I will be back. Marlena was very knowledgeable about their products and very friendly as well. I wanted to give a tip but they currently do not accept tips. I recommend management allow us appreciative customers to tip! I love the blueberry flavor I picked up and the veteran discount really helped me get what I needed today. Thanks Harvest HOC!read more
Dougie Walker
Dougie W.
20:48 30 Jul 20
Awesome people and great environment. Everyone is so friendly. The layout and the TV screens with what’s in stock is on point. Never disappointed. Thanks Dudes.🤙🏽read more
Sarah Lollie
Sarah L.
18:20 27 Jul 20
Great people that keeps me coming back. They have ran into issues lately with cartridges staying in stock but they recently restocked and I hope they stay in stock. I prefer to only come here because they make me feel special and there one night stand and blueberry cartridges are amazing.read more
shane spalding
shane S.
02:08 25 Jul 20
Went back for a second visit and was much more impressed with quality of flower. In and out quickly and received a discount for getting my card.read more
Ross Dunn
Ross D.
17:13 07 Jun 20
Almost everything is overpriced. I could spend half the money and get the same quality at AltMed and Liberty Health Sciences. Never going back until prices drop.read more
Josh Barrett
Josh B.
00:46 28 May 20
I am very thankful that the closest dispensary to my house is also the best in the are by far. The quality of the flower and new extracts lately are only surpassed by the attention to detail and personality of the staff. I have always felt welcome and appreciated, which is something to say in this day and age. Thank you once again to every one at Harvest in North Port, I’ll see you soon.read more
Mike Capps
Mike C.
00:34 28 May 20
I’ve been coming here since it opened only because it was convenient. Their products are okay, but not consistent. The staff changes so frequently here they must be under bad management. The products aren’t strong at all. Thankful more dispensary’s are coming to the area.read more
Hensley David
Hensley D.
05:46 24 May 20
Favorite dispensary in North Port. I gave Muv and Trulieve a try, however I will take Harvest and there amazing customer experience any day. They are stepping up their game. Come back dispensary of the year.read more
Laguna Music
Laguna M.
21:50 19 May 20
This place is worth the drive from Cape Coral. Best quality products and customer service.
22:29 06 May 20
Great flower however lackluster staff, Nolan tried twice to get both my discounts of 20% used in one purchase even though they were not stackable. Good thing I cought it before he used my coupons. Shameful.read more
Kelsi Adams
Kelsi A.
03:22 02 May 20
I always know I’m in good hands when I visit Harvest. Great staff, great products (Alchemy disposables and flower), and beautiful store.read more
18:34 04 Mar 20
Every time I visit this store I’m immediately welcomed by smiling and happy people! The staff here is so passionate about what they do and it couldn’t be more obvious, they are always happy to answer any questions I have and never make me feel rushed. Makes sense why this is my favorite place to shop for my favorite plant 😋read more
Gary Woroschinski
Gary W.
23:44 03 Mar 20
Harvest in North Port Florida is not just going to The Dispensary, it’s going to meet happy and extremely knowledgeable people. You walk in and see Marlea who gives you a great big smile and takes your card. I was there twice today, I had Nolan help me and I had Erika help me. Again, not only are they professional, they’re very knowledgeable. Both times I had management come over to make sure I was okay and I was getting everything I needed. Every single person in that store has gone above and beyond. I wish there was a Harvest on every corner, thank you harvest for hiring such a great group of employees in the North Port store. I was so blown away about today’s service I guess I’ll have to give a product review next time.read more
Carlisle Alaric
Carlisle A.
01:10 29 Feb 20
VITAL INFORMATION! This place has awesome products and great service. ORDERING on online ensured I got what I wanted, quick and easy! Shout out to the staff there; Nolan, Justin and Pav full of useful info and great service as always by everyone!read more
Jana B
Jana B
17:28 02 Feb 20
Beautiful Store! Came in and immediately knew that I was in good hands.Rachel was amazing. With all the new things that are out now she really took her time with me and worked to find the best and right product for me. Love her!read more
Katie Cannabis
Katie C.
21:23 08 Jan 20
Wonderful staff and beautiful dispensary. I drive from Sarasota because the customer service is amazing. I’m excited to watch this place grow!read more
Jeffrey Wampner
Jeffrey W.
00:58 11 Sep 19
I walked in and the 1st thing I noticed was a clean and inviting it was. The receptionist was a very informative. He explained a lot of stuff to me before I even went in to buy my product. Everyone was really friendly and I’ll be back.🤘😉read more
Jeffrey Wampner
Jeffrey W.
00:58 11 Sep 19
I walked in and the 1st thing I noticed was a clean and inviting it was. The receptionist was a very informative. He explained a lot of stuff to me before Ieven went in to buy my product.Everyone was really friendly and I’ll be back.🤘😉read more
Nealy DeBow
Nealy D.
23:39 17 Aug 19
This is the nearest one to me and I live in Cape Coral. Before leaving, we called them and asked what type of promotions they offer. 20% you for 5 visits. We also were like we are coming from an hour away we want to make sure that they would have some before we made the drive. They assured us that they would have some. Very nice place. Very friendly staff. Product is very nice. We picked up Grimmdica. Its got an earthy taste but it has a but of an uplift to it, gave us energy but took pain away. We will definitely be back!read more
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