'He gives me anxiety': How teams prepare for Cardinals' Kyler Murray

6:00 AM ET

TEMPE, Ariz. — Quarterback Joe Webb had just signed with the Detroit Lions‘ practice squad Sept. 23 when he had to learn how to imitate one of the NFL’s most dynamic players.

In just a few days, the Lions would face the Arizona Cardinals with second-year quarterback Kyler Murray under center. Preparing for the reigning rookie of the year is no easy task — Murray’s not just a pocket passer and mobile quarterback. He’s good — if not great — at both.

Webb found himself with the unenviable assignment shared by a handful of quarterbacks and other skill players around the NFL each week: Trying to simulate Murray in practice to help the defense prepare.

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Webb studied film to pick up on Murray’s tendencies, such as which way he likes to scramble and which way he likes to throw. But even after studying, Webb by himself was not enough to replicate Murray. So he took snaps alongside a skill-position player in practice and combined they gave the Lions’ first-team defense the looks they needed.

“Of course, you can’t

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