Headed to Sanford Monday, President Trump says he’s no longer COVID-19 ‘contagious’

President Donald Trump took to the Fox Business Network Sunday morning, making a cable-news base play with an interviewer friendlier than broadcast outlets would allow.

The President, armed with a doctor’s declaration that he no longer poses a transmission risk for coronavirus, is headed to Sanford for an airport tarmac rally on Monday evening.

“I still wouldn’t go to a rally if I was contagious,” Trump said on a day that saw a record high for COVID-19 daily cases.

The President offered reassurance to those who do test positive, adding that “if you catch it, you recover, and you’re immune.”

The President, who told Rush Limbaugh on Friday that he received a “cure” for the virus in the form of Regeneron at Walter Reed Hospital, used that formulation Sunday also, before saying that he perhaps could have done without it.

“It made me better,” Trump said, before saying “I think I would have done it fine without drugs, you don’t really need drugs.”

The President also touched on his steroid treatment, which he had for a “short period of time,” but which has been a frequent talking point among his critics, who contend the president is negatively

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