By Madeleine Marr11/25/2016

On Saturday night, Andy Cohen will be doing what he does best — indulging in his gift of gab and gossip. The TV/radio personality and “Real Housewives” mastermind, 48, will sit down for a “Conversation with Lee Schrager” to close out The 36th Annual Alper JCC Berrin Family Jewish Book Festival.

Cohen will be discussing “Superficial” (Henry Holt), the follow-up to 2013’s “The Andy Cohen Diaries,” documenting even more of the fabulous, celebrity filled life of the “Watch What Happens Live” host.

For star watchers, “Superficial,” is a dream read. What was the process like writing and actually living it?

It took a year and a half of me jotting down notes whenever I could squeeze in a few hours, like on an airplane, and just go back over stuff. Looking back, I think I should have called it “Diary of a Name Dropper” [laughs]. Then finally, I was like, OK, I’ve had enough. I’m not doing this anymore. I have to stop.

Though you’re no longer a Bravo executive, you still produce the “Real Housewives” franchise. Would you ever want a reality show on your life?

You know, my books are like my own version of a reality show or documentary, except in the written form. I’m in control of the final edit, which I like, but I definitely let people in.

A lot of the book sees you in Miami.

I come down there quite a bit. I love hanging out at the Delano.

So now we know what a typical day is like for you.

I do meet a lot of celebrities. Too many to count. It’s a funny balancing it, but I like it.

Who is your bucket-list guest?

I mean, I would love for Michelle Obama to come on, but I don’t

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