Here's what's wrong with every West playoff team

7:41 AM ET

The NBA playoffs are still three weeks away, yet we know the eight teams competing for the Western Conference crown.

As usual, the West is deep. But this season, each team has some troubling flaws that could prove fatal in the postseason.

Let’s take a tour of their troubles.

The two-time defending champs are favorites once more, but the statistical view of the 2018-19 Warriors reveals some cracks in the foundation. Unless something changes, the Warriors look beatable. Check this out:

They are just 10-7 since the All-Star break

The Warriors rank 14th in net rating in that span

Their offense is scoring at below-average rates

What’s wrong? Well, the numbers suggest that Boogie and the Dubs aren’t jelling.

Where are the top players in the tournament expected to land?

Giannis is amazing, but there’s more to what’s going on in Milwaukee.

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DeMarcus Cousins has achieved what no opponent ever could: He has turned the Warriors into an average offensive team. When he has been on the court (623 minutes), Golden State’s offensive rating is just 109.1. That is not only significantly below the

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