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If you like really Weird Baseball — and you’re a little bit greedy — the first season of Shohei Ohtani was, you’d have to admit, not really weird enough. He did not, for instance, play right field and then jog to the mound mid-inning to strike somebody out. He did not pinch hit in the eighth inning to give his team the lead, and then stay in the game to get the save. He did not homer four times and pitch a no-hitter in the same game. (Seriously, you are really greedy.)

No. All he did is hit some days, pitch in some other ones. In the broad scheme of things, he was doing something nobody else can do, but in the very specific scheme of things — when you are at a Los Angeles Angels game and trying to explain to a baseball-casual companion what’s so special about what they’re watching — Ohtani was … doing things lots of people can do. Hitting, or pitching. Or sitting on the bench, because of how many days off it takes to let a guy hit and pitch in the same week (but not at the same time).

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