Hillsborough GOP leader leaves party because it’s not Trumpy enough

A member of the Hillsborough County GOP is leaving the party, but not for the same reason others are likely fleeing.

The Hillsborough GOP’s “StratComms Director,” which stands for strategic communications, posted a lengthy letter on the group’s Facebook page Wednesday arguing the Republican Party no longer stands for freedom and limited government.

The letter is not signed by name and the Hillsborough GOP website does not have a listing for a StratComms Director, however as of 2019, Brooke Emery held the title. Emery is closely aligned with the controversial local party chair, Jim Waurishuk.

Waurishuk declined to comment on the post or say whether Emery was its author. He offered only that the missive has since been taken down.

“With just the latest in a long line of betrayals of the duly elected Republican President Trump, myself and my fellow Deplorables by the Republican Party elected officials and ‘leadership’, I can no longer remain in the Party as it is,” the author wrote. “If the country falls, as it appears to be on its way to doing, at least I’ll know that I did not continue to support the my unaccountable ‘representatives’ when they continue to betray me.”

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