Hillsborough County drivers spend about 10 hours more in their cars going to and from work now than five years ago, according to recently released Census data.

The yearly data show commuters in Hillsborough County spend an average of 28.3 minutes per day in their cars.

“We don’t want to waste more time and money sitting in traffic, but that is where we are,” said Tyler Hudson, chair of All for Transportation.

“And with more than 700,000 more people expected to move to Hillsborough County in the next 30 years, we are facing a crisis that is only going to get worse,” he added. “In November, voters can vote ‘yes’ on implementing a transportation plan that will reduce congestion, make our roads safer, and improve our overall quality of life.”

The All For Transportation referendum would raise the local sales tax in Hillsborough County to 8 percent from 7 percent.

It would raise about $280 million per year to fund new and enhanced transit options as well as transportation improvements like incorporating timed traffic signals, better roads and bridges and pedestrian and cyclist safety improvements.

The data shows more than

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