Hillsborough Transit Tax Hangs on Deceptive Ballot Language

All for Transportation (AFT), promoters of the Hillsborough County $16 billion transit tax, carpet-bombed voters last year with glossy mailers claiming it had a transportation plan to cut traffic congestion over the 30-year life of the tax.

The ballot amendment passed with 57 percent of the vote.

But as previously reported, when AFT spokesperson Kevin Thurman, one of the authors of their $16 billion transit tax hike, was challenged on that traffic claim about a week before the election, he was forced to admit that congestion would actually get worse.

Kevin Thurman

AFT understandably refused to debate anyone who opposed the tax hike before the election as its deceptive use of exaggerated claims would be exposed.

While deceptive political campaigns may not be illegal, what about deceptive ballot language?

The ballot summary language stated the massive tax hike would fund road improvements. In fact, AFT included improving roads and bridges first in the list of projects to be funded  — as if to tell voters that funding road improvements was the highest priority use for the billions in new tax revenues.

Voters reading the ballot summary language can reasonably and logically conclude

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