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Welcome to the Hollywood Marijuana Doctor Clinic near me page. Medical marijuana doctors near Hollywood that were certified under the previous Low THC & CBD laws have been removed from the Hollywood MMJ Doctor map as the new laws are not written and many are not participating in the old program. New MMJ doctor clinics markers & listings will be added back to the map on 12-15-16.

The Hollywood, FL marijuana program is not up and running as the laws governing recommending Doctors, Patients & Dispensaries are still being written by the Florida Department of Health. Fill out our MMJ Patient Registration Form to stay current on details as the FL medical marijuana program advances. Hollywood MMJ doctors will begin seeing patients and issuing medical Marijuana Cards in Hollywood after the laws have finished being written.


Are you a Doctor that intends to participate in Florida’s MMJ Program?

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Cannabis is legalized for medical use in FL. We are now having potential Hollywood cannabis patients that believe you qualify, register here. We will keep you informed as well as assist you in finding a medical marijuana doctor in the South Florida area when available.


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