Home for Sale? Vanish During Showings

The truth is… your real estate agent doesn’t need any help.

Seriously. It’s the opposite of what most people would think. Common sense seems to indicate that a seller who stays on the premises, can answer questions, plus provide information that the seller’s real estate agent might not know.

But it doesn’t work that way — or very well, at least. Prospective buyers who drop by during an open house, or during a showing by your real estate agent, don’t want your viewpoint. They want neutrality. And the best thing you can do is give it to them. Here’s why you should vanish during showings.

Buyers don’t require a tour guide

That’s why your real estate agent conducts the showing of your home. Even though you hope buyers have a productive visit that prompts interest and offers, this is purely a business exercise. You want to sell a home. Someone else wants to buy one.

Buyers don’t care that it’s where you raised well-adjusted children. That it was yours and your spouse’s or partner’s first home. They’re looking at it through the frame of their own lives. Any tale you tell of yours is a distraction.

Real estate agents know

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