A man suspected of previously stealing a cat has returned and smashed a window at Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital. Video by Tim Shortt. Posted 12/27/17.

Security cameras captured the action.(Photo: Provided)

INDIAN HARBOUR BEACH — A long-haired homeless man nicknamed “Sand Flea Jesus” stuffed a feline named Flounder into a bag and swiped him from Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital last month, employees say.

Then the suspected cat burglar returned Tuesday night — barefoot and wearing multicolored yoga pants — and unsuccessfully tried to enter the cat adoption room, security video shows.

“He is setting everything free. This is his thing. He goes down to the beach, he tries to dump people’s bait buckets out to put the fish back in the ocean,” said Nina Schrage, Aloha Pet & Bird Hospital desk manager.

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“Cuts people’s fishing lines when they’re fishing. This is what I heard: Trying to unhook dogs at the (Canova) dog beach from their leashes, so they can be set free. So his thing is setting animals free — they shouldn’t be chained, caged or whatever. But he’s not firing on all pistons,” Schrage said.

On Tuesday, after workers told Sand Flea Jesus to leave, he walked outside and shattered a hurricane-resistant window, possibly using a hammer.

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“I never thought he would do that, though. I never thought he would do that,” Schrage said Wednesday afternoon, gesturing at the broken window while standing amid cat climbers, ramps and ledges inside the cat adoption room.

“I’d never see him as a violent person. He’s very soft-spoken,” she said.

The suspect fled westbound on foot after the

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