Hot night in Sanford: Donald Trump says Democrats hellbent on destroying ‘everything we cherish’

If President Donald Trump feels lingering effects from COVID-19, he didn’t show it Monday on his return to the campaign trail as he railed for 60 minutes on a hot Florida night in Sanford, contrasting his perspective with his nightmare vision of America under Democratic contr.

Trump, making his first campaign rally appearance since he announced he had COVID-19 on Sept. 2, proclaimed himself cured and immune. He said he felt like wading into a crowd that could have been in the thousands to kiss everyone. As if to prove it, he bellowed as passionately for 60 minutes at the beginning of his Orlando-Sanford International Airport rally, where temperatures were in the high 80s throughout the evening.

Trump had no such kisses in mind for for his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, whom he variously accused of selling out to radical globalists, of selling out to the radical left, of being incompetent, of being not mentally well, of pushing the most far-left agenda in history, and of, perhaps, being the worst presidential candidate ever.

The President foretold of across-the-board failures of America’s freedom, economy, health care, education, safety, trade, military, national security, and American culture should Biden win. He painted a picture

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