‘How can they defend this?’: Rick Scott slams ‘shameful’ Donald Trump Twitter ban

The President of the United States pulled off a Twitter permaban tonight, and a U.S. Senator from Florida is howling about censorship and double standards.

Sen. Rick Scott, in a couple of Tweets Friday night, bemoaned Twitter’s censorship of the President even as it leaves other controversial world leaders to speak free of censorship.

“Twitter has now permanently banned President Trump’s account. Meanwhile they allow the Chinese to openly brag about genocide and the Ayatollah to talk about wiping Israel off the face of the map. How can they defend this? Their attacks on conservatives are shameful,” Scott contended, via the @ScottForFlorida account.

The Senator took a second bite at the apple with his second Twitter account, @SenRickScott.

Scott, a former Governor of Florida who ran on a public safety platform in both campaigns, disputed Twitter suspending Trump for “incitement of violence.”

After all, he posited, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro tweets without censorship.

Twitter was “showing a blatant bias.” Maduro: “a thug who jails & silences his dissidents, controls the judicial branch & starves his people.”

“Maduro commits genocide, but is allowed to use Twitter to spread propaganda with no repercussion. Shameful,” Scott contended.

The Senator

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