How ESPN Fantasy Football is handling postponed NFL games

2:01 PM ET

ESPN Fantasy

In light of NFL games being affected by COVID-19, below are details on how ESPN fantasy football will handle things this season. Because of the unpredictable nature of the virus and how far-reaching the impact can be, the outline below is subject to change.

1. If games are played by Tuesday, they will always count for the originally scheduled matchup period.

2. If a game is rescheduled in place of a later bye and the current week is used as that team’s bye, then that week will be treated as a bye on the fantasy schedule.

3. Only players who were previously officially ruled “out” for that week’s game and those placed on the COVID-19 list will be marked as “out” (O) in the ESPN fantasy game and, therefore, be IR-eligible.

How this will display within the game (on desktop and in the app)

• If the NFL announces a new date for the postponed game before Monday night, then you will start seeing “Bye” next to players from the affected teams. If the NFL does not announce a new date, the game will continue to show “Postponed” or “PPD” next to

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