CANNABIS CULTURE – Whether it’s taking tinctures or inhaling the flower, cannabis is a part of my daily routine. I’m a type 1 diabetic, there are days when my blood sugar fluctuates. I would feel really tired and get stomach pains. Every time I use cannabis when my sugars are running high, I noticed how I don’t have the stomach pains. I just feel so much more relaxed and not in pain. I also see a slight drop in my blood sugar levels after I use cannabis. Cannabis helps me remain me. I feel more like myself. Going through tough medical problems, I tend to overthink and create problems in my head about my myself medically. Which usually leads to a slight depressed state. Cannabis is the cushion I fall on when I come across these situations. It just helps me think clearly and make better decisions.

Author of “Power of Plants” Bainti Singh

Cannabis has been a miracle medical drug for me. Since I was a kid I have been dealing with medical problems. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 9 years old. Going through a diabetic rebellion stage in my teenage years landed

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