How 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek trained Eagles' Jim Schwartz to be a coach

1:50 PM ET

Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz credits Alex Trebek, the famed “Jeopardy!” host who died of pancreatic cancer Sunday, for training him to become a football coach.

As Schwartz first detailed to NBC Sports, he used to competitively watch the show with a small group of fellow speed-reading students at Georgetown University — an activity that sharpened the skills he would rely on once he found his calling.

“It’s not just getting the right answer, it’s getting the right answer quicker than everybody else,” Schwartz, 54, explained Monday. “I’ve always talked to football players about this. It’s like, ‘What’s two plus two?’ ‘Four.’ And somebody else says two plus two and they go [counts fingers], ‘Four?’ Well, both of them got the right answer but the [second] one, the ball was snapped and the running back just ran right past you.”

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Quick reaction time is a necessity for defensive coordinators in particular, Schwartz added, because they have to make their playcalls on the fly based

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