How Kim Kardashian Continues to Honor Her Bond With Late Dad Robert Kardashian

A chapter titled “Robert George Kardashian” (son Rob Kardashian‘s sock line, Arthur George, utilizes his and his father’s middle names) delves into the hole that opened up in their lives when he died and attributes many a family value to the celebrity attorney and business owner—who, they assure, did not leave his kids a fortune to play around with, but rather instilled in all of them the importance of hard work toward a non-material goal.

“He made us understand that the most important thing was to be a good person,” recalled the sisters, who are known to regularly interact with their fans online (and even when they clap back, they’re remarkably civil, considering some of the stuff the trolls toss their way). “Our dad never talked down to people, no matter who they were or what they did for a living. He always treated people with respect.”

Robert and their mom, Kris Jenner, divorced in 1991, not long before she remarried, but they remained close as co-parents—a relationship Kourtney has credited for helping her figure out a way forward with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick as they raise their three children together. (Kris has said that divorcing her first husband is her “one regret,” but if she hadn’t “then

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