How Lauren Evans Tackled Cancer

“If anything, we were the ones more worried from listening to doctors. She was lifting us up,” Jerome said.

“We tried not to show it, but I’m sure it’s written over your face when you hear certain things and you’re trying to be as strong as you possibly can. My baby is laying there and she had a tough road ahead.”

“There’s no manual for it. You kind of figure it out as you’re going through it,” he said.

Lauren’s first battle would be with chemotherapy — an invisible opponent that comes quickly and with force. Like a worthy opponent, chemo tears you down, only to build you back up in pursuit of greater triumph.

But unlike the rope 5-year-old Lauren fearlessly hung onto during a family vacation, she didn’t have to go through this journey alone. Her parents were by her side, every step of the way.

“I know your parents are supposed to be there for you through everything but I feel like I owe them. They never gave up on me, they kept pushing me. The times I was really down, they lifted me up.”

A wave of emotion sweeps over Lauren’s face.

“For me to have

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