How Maren Morris Overcame a Canceled Tour and Postpartum Depression to Emerge Stronger Than Ever

Still, for as confident as Morris has become in her growing skills, the parenting journey is one that is always going to be filled with doubts and second-guessing. So there’s really no need for those watching at home to pile on with more. 

“I just feel like we need to all give each other some grace,” she explained at September’s ACM Awards of the mom shaming epidemic. “I’ve learned to be less judgmental all-around just by being a mom because it’s extremely humbling. And, yeah, I just think let’s all love each other and give each other good advice. Even if it’s unsolicited, at least it’s good advice.”

Above all else, she continued, “I would just say let’s do better, and not put someone down that’s obviously trying their best.”

Because—hello!—parenting is kinda hard? And there’s really no excuse for those who seem determined to make it even tougher. “I guess I shouldn’t be shocked because I’ve had plenty of trolls come after me before and I can definitely have thick skin when it comes to someone saying my music is terrible or I’m ruining the sanctity of country music,” she said. “But, for some reason it feels like an extra betrayal

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