How non-compete clauses could sink Jose Oliva priorities

It sounds like a John Grisham novel.

Doctors form a company, oversee its massive growth, and then its massive fall.

Whistleblowers, charges of defrauding the federal government, bankruptcy.

Now the company is turned over to new management, which assumes all of the contracts these doctors negotiated and agreed to years earlier. As the company begins its fresh start, the doctors try to void the terms of their contracts so they can go off on their own to start a competing company.

When the courts put up a roadblock, the doctors form an LLC, hire lobbyists to create a legislative loophole that would void the terms of their agreement.

That loophole snuck into a bill passed by lawmakers this year but due to the way the amendment was drafted, every other provision in the bill, many of which are priorities of House Speaker Jose Oliva, may be found unconstitutional.

All over an amendment aimed at resolving a specific legal dispute.

At issue is the battle between the current and former top brass at 21st Century Oncology, a Ft. Myers-based cancer care facility.

The ex-management, referred to as “Old 21st Century” going forward: Drs. Daniel DosoretzJames Rubenstein and Michael Katin. Drs. Arie Dosoretz and Amy Fox, who

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