How Peter Weber's “Very Controlling” Mom Impacted His Breakup With Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan split for a myriad of reasons, commitment being chief among them. But it turns out his mother, Barbara Weber, played a small role in the breakup, too. 

According to a source, his mom, affectionately nicknamed Barb, put a lot of “pressure” on the pair throughout their 8-month relationship.

“Kelley did think Barb was very controlling and overbearing but she tried to not let it affect their relationship,” the insider shares. “Barb put a lot of pressure on them, which was definitely hard.”

Even so, the insider explains that Barb’s meddling wasn’t a “huge factor” in their breakup. In fact, the source says, “She got along with Kelley and they enjoyed each other.”

The larger issue at hand was Pete’s apparent unwillingness to only commit to Kelley. “Peter is not ready to be with one girl,” the source shares. “He thought he could take the step of moving in with Kelley but he couldn’t handle it.”

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