How the Friends of A Million Little Things Will Come Together After Tragedy Once Again

We may not yet know if Eddie (David Giuntoli) is alive or dead, but one thing’s for sure: he’s not well

He got hit by a car at the very end of the season two finale and while we’re pretty sure he survived, something tragic has definitely still happened. The group who came together after a friend’s death in the pilot of A Million Little Things will have to rally around each other once again, and it’s not going to be an easy road ahead, as promised by stars Romany Malco and Christina Moses. 

“It’s very, very reminiscent of episode one, season one coming together because we had lost Jon,” Malco told E! News. “And here we are top of season three coming together for what seems to be the exact same thing.” 

While the death of Jon (Ron Livingston) brought the group of friends closer together, this time, they could get torn apart, especially considering what Rome (Malco) and Regina (Moses) are already going through.

“The challenges that the characters have is, how, how can we be there for one another?” Malco said. “What do you say? What role do I play in this, if any? Who’s responsible for it? All

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