How the Romantic Leads of Dash & Lily Found Chemistry Without Sharing Any Scenes

Most romances rely on chemistry to work on screen, which requires actors to actually be in scenes together. So what are two stars to do when the plot of the romance requires them to rarely even meet? 

Dash & Lily‘s Midori Francis and Austin Abrams took some inspiration from their characters. In the new holiday-themed Netflix series, Lily (Francis) is hoping for a little romance in her life, so she and her brother Langston (Troy Iwata) leave a clue-filled journal in a bookstore. Dash (Abrams) finds it, and without ever meeting, he and Lily begin a romance played out in a journal full of clues, dares, and secrets that they leave for each other all over NYC. 

Since Dash and Lily don’t meet IRL until very late in the show, that meant the actors weren’t sharing any scenes together and had to build their chemistry in a different way. While they occasionally met up at sushi restaurants or dive bars to get to know each other, they also shared their own journal back and forth. 

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