How the 'Save the Internet Act' Makes the American Dream an American Nightmare for Small Businesses

Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs. Although they are well known today, they all started on the same level playing field. They were all small business owners striving to succeed. During the creation of their respective companies, the Internet was wide-open, enabling their creativity and innovations, and allowing them to embody and exemplify the “American Dream.” Be innovative, work hard, get others to believe in you, and you can achieve great success. Fast forward to today and the Save the Internet Act being pushed by Democrats is threatening that same American Dream.

The Save the Internet Act takes a heavy-handed approach to enforcing net neutrality that will hinder the investment and innovation that made the Internet successful in the first place. Worse still, Democrats are planning to enforce these rules using regulations from the 1930s designed for switchboard telephones, not today’s Internet networks. With today’s ever-changing Internet landscape, it’s clear we need basic Internet guidelines, but the Save the Internet Act looks to the past when we need to be looking to the future. 

We need clear, common rules across the Internet that apply to everyone. Applying some rules to Internet service providers and others to Internet companies (Facebook, Google,

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