How the Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Shook Up Zoey's Whole World

Sometimes, there’s nothing that a little singing can’t fix.

Okay, there’s a lot of things that singing can’t fix, like global pandemics. But it can at least make things feel better for a minute, and that’s exactly what Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is finally back to do: make us feel better for a minute, or for an hour. 

Tonight’s season two premiere picked up a good six weeks after the end of season one, when Mitch (Peter Gallagher) passed away. Zoey’s (Jane Levy) spent that time grieving the loss of her dad, and while the show exists in a fantasy world with no global pandemic, there’s still a sort of parallel to what’s happening in real life. We’re all grieving and we’re all getting used to a new kind of normal, which series creator Austin Winsberg recognizes. 

“Season two was kind of all about recovery,” he tells E! News. “Season two was all about what do we do after a tragedy and how do we pick up the pieces and move on and try to create a new normal for ourselves. A lot of those ideas became more and more relevant as this pandemic has raged on. What is it like to return

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