Regardless of how qualified you are on paper, providing one wrong answer to a question can easily sway a hiring manager’s decision about whether you’re the right fit for a job.

While many candidates expect to answer questions about their past work experiences and career goals, there are some questions a job interviewer may ask that can throw you for a complete loop.

To help you prepare for the unexpected, below are six curveball questions you may be faced with in your next job interview.

In addition to inquiring about your hobbies and side hustles, job search platform Glassdoor says some employers may also ask about your favorite website to get further insight on how you spend your hours outside of work.

“The question aims to highlight how you like to spend your time — do you spend time networking online, staying on top of the latest industry news or catching up on celebrity gossip,” career strategist Mary Grace Gardner of The Young Professionista tells Glassdoor.

When answering this question, Gardner says candidates should also be prepared to explain their reasoning behind liking the website.

“Social media websites can point to your ability to connect with others, news websites can show your knowledge on the latest trends and niche websites can show your unique characteristics,” she adds.

In addition to knowing that you are qualified to complete a job, many hiring managers also want to know that you’re passionate about the position to which you’re applying. So when asked by an employer, “What gets you up in the morning,” think about the things that will excite you as it relates to the job.

Roy Cohen, career coach and author of “The Wall Street Professional’s Survival Guide,” tells Glassdoor that job seekers should “offer up examples that

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