How to Properly Store Mementos, Important Papers and Seasonal Decorations

If you’re preparing to move from your current home into a new custom Florida home, you might be ready to start a plan for better household organization and storage.

Oh, the junk! Stuff you didn’t know you had! Oops, but some of it is important. What do you do with it?

Here’s how to properly store mementos, important papers and seasonal decorations.

First, assess your stash

What do you have? How much? Which items stay or go away?

Some things are non-negotiable — passports, birth certificates, military discharge paperwork and Social Security cards.

Some things are not — holiday cards received every year for the past two decades.

You can’t plan manageable storage unless you know the extent of it. Take the opportunity to de-clutter.

Second, chose a storage system

Let’s tackle the first category, mementos.

This one’s tough because mementos can be thousands of different things. It’s not always items small enough to fit into a scrapbook.

What about that dollhouse a great-uncle made for your kids? Still-treasured high school sports trophies? Antique tea cups collected on trips around the world?

You’ll have to assess what you decide to keep after de-cluttering, then decide what storage container best fits

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