How YouTube Star Camryn Clifford and Her Daughters Have Been Coping After Landon's Death

Camryn added, “Collette is still really young and can’t fully comprehend the situation. All she really knows is that her dad’s gone. One day he’s here, one day he’s not. She has no idea where he went. She’s too young to explain that to, even if I tried. One day, that’s a conversation I’m gonna have with her but as of right now, she just doesn’t get it. For the most part, she doesn’t really ask about him until there’s something that reminds her.”

Camryn said that if Collette sees a photo of Landon, she’ll point to it and say, “Daddy” and “kind of look around and be confused.” Camryn also said her eldest daughter has a Build-A-Bear with his voice. The YouTube star said, “She’ll click the button and it’ll say, ‘I Love You, Collette,’ in his voice and she knows his voice and she’ll say, ‘Daddy?’ She’ll look around.”

“You can definitely tell she’s going through a hard time, though,” Camryn said. “She used to be very independent and since he left, she is very clingy to me and very anxious and is almost in a way that she thinks I’m just going to up and leave her too. So if

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