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High Times, HT Dispensary Menu products in Florida are available now at open HT dispensary locations. Cannabis products can be obtained by getting or having your FL medical marijuana card.

Certified patients can buy HT medical cannabis menu products at open dispensary locations or through their marijuana deliveries RX program as it expands.


HT Cannabis Flower

Willie n’ Waylon – Hybrid 3.5g

Bubba D Flower – Indica 3.5g

Tangerine n’ Cream Minis – Hybrid [7g]

Goji Margy – Hybrid [3.5g]

Margy Dog Minis – Hybrid [7g]

Goji Margy Minis – Hybrid [7g]

Margelope – Indica [3.5g]

Durban Margy – Sativa 3.5g

Roasted Garlic Margy – Hybrid [3.5g]

HT Pre Roll Joints

Durban Margy Pre-roll [1g]

Roasted Garlic Margy [1g]

Uber Pre-roll [1g]

Lemon Margy Pre-roll [1g]

High Times Capsules

Durban Margy Pre-roll [1g]

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