Can 2017 get out of here fast enough?

Because I’m doing the annual laundry list of this year’s big sports stories in South Florida and … well, there are hardly any big sports stories on the list. They’re drug stories. They’re business stories. They’re depressing stories that no one wants to read again.

How bad was 2017? The Panthers are on a four-game win streak after beating Philadelphia on Thursday. That might qualify for this list considering the year’s competition.

It’s not just that none of our pro teams had playoff success in 2017. It’s that only one team even went to the playoffs – and that was the Dolphins in the first week of January off last season. If it wasn’t for the University of Miami, it would be a year to send a serious sports fan into therapy – or rehab. Where you could meet some of this year’s names.

Here’s my top 10 South Florida sports stories of 2017:

1. Cocaine platter. A Las Vegas woman who advertised her entertaining talent on-line received a call from a Dolphins assistant, who she said used her body as a “cocaine platter” during a team stay in California and sent her video of himself doing lines of a white powdery substance in team offices before a meeting. Could you make this story up? Would anyone even believe it? The assistant, line coach Chris Forester, “resigned.” The woman, Kijuana Nige, gave national interviews. The story went viral. The line coach as a line coach. There’s never been anything like it for the sad and sordid, yet tantalizing, elements.

2. Turnover Chain. It symbolized the University of Miami’s return to relevancy. It spawned sideline fun and national discussion. It also was one heckuva jewelry design to marry the flash of South