Earlier this month, Kanye West went on a major rant in Sacramento, California, during one of his $250-plus-a-ticket concerts before canceling that show, along with the rest of his Saint Pablo Tour, and being admitted to UCLA Medical Center where he currently is being evaluated. On stage, the 39-year-old rapper touched on a plethora of topics from the way DJ Khaled controls radio and how he loves Drake to the role that race plays in Barack Obama’s legacy. Oh, and he mentioned that he’s a Donald Trump supporter and is ready to make America great again.

Ye’s fans were clearly irritated by his speech but really went crazy when he praised Trump and started talking about the wall. At a rally, Trump responded, “I’ll never say bad about him. You want to know why? Because he loves Trump. He goes around saying Trump is my all-time hero.”

Added Trump: “So to Kanye West, I love him. In a few years I might have to run against him, so I’ll take that back, but he’s been so nice to me. You people saw the scene,” he said. “I’ve been a counterpuncher. I only hit people when they hit me. Kanye West has been so great. I would never say bad about him because he says such nice things about me.”

I miss the old Kanye — the Kanye that Kanye rapped about in his song “I Love Kanye” on “The Life of Pablo”:

I miss the old Kanye, straight from the go Kanye
Chop up the soul Kanye, set on his goals Kanye
I hate the new Kanye, the bad mood Kanye
The always rude Kanye, spaz in the news Kanye
I miss the sweet Kanye, chop up the beats Kanye
I gotta to say, at that time I’d like to meet Kanye

He was our champion, a

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