‘I started smoking’: Landlords fear the impacts of eviction ban

Two South Florida landlords are pleading with Gov. Ron DeSantis to consider the plight of landlords before extending the state’s eviction moratorium for a sixth consecutive time.

Florida tenants since April have been protected from eviction under a series of executive orders designed to minimize the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve also been shielded by a CDC halt on evictions.

While the orders are intended to prevent widespread eviction, landlord Shahar Tamsis said he’s gone seven months without payment.

“This is my income,” he told Florida Politics. “My family’s income. I still pay all the property tax, insurance, and pay the mortgage on our personal house. They’re going to put a lien against the house.”

Tamsis immigrated from Israel to America alongside his wife 28 years ago. He said he worked hard and played by the rules to own property. He described it as the American dream.

Now, however, he feels like the government has seized his property.

He intends to sell and leave the country.

“I worked hard in my life to own it free and clear,” Tamsis said. “I don’t know how this constitution can let the government take my property

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