Ileana Garcia lead in SD 37 race now at 31 votes as recount nears

Republican candidate Ileana Garcia now holds a 31-vote lead in the Senate District 37 contest as the candidates ready for a recount next week.

New vote totals show Garcia increasing her lead from 20 votes this morning to 31 votes out of 215,578 cast. She leads Democratic Sen. José Javier Rodríguez by a 104,616-104,585 margin. That’s an edge of just 48.53%-48.51%, well within the 0.5 percentage point window to trigger an automatic machine recount.

A vote margin within 0.25 percentage points requires a manual recount.

The presence of non-party affiliated candidate Alex Rodriguez may affect the contests’ eventual outcome, as Rodriguez secured 2.96% support with 6,377 votes.

The newest updates come as the county wrapped up counting mail-in ballots and curing any issues with provisional ballots. The official totals are expected to be sent to the state over the weekend.

Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections (SOE) Christina White said her office expects the recount procedure to commence next week.

The County faces a Thursday deadline to complete its machine recount. The manual recount must be finished by Sunday, Nov. 15 at noon.

While Garcia increased her lead by 11 votes Friday, there hasn’t been consistent movement since

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