In deep red HD 11, it’s the Proud Boys and QAnon versus Barack Obama and Nikki Fried

House District 11 is drawn as a Republican safe-path seat, but Republican incumbent Cord Byrd‘s side is keeping the stretch run newsy nonetheless.

Last week offered the latest example of how the incumbent, expected to waltz to reelection, continues to flirt with the hard right.

Esther Byrd, the candidate’s wife who narrowly lost in a local race earlier this year, offered an unsolicited defense of the Proud Boys, a group of youngish men who bill themselves as “western chauvinists.”

President Donald Trump, in a debate last week before his hospitalization over the weekend for COVID-19 complications, urged them to “stand back and stand by” when pressed to condemn the alt-right movement.

Byrd, a staunch supporter of the President, claimed that many of them and their supporters have been thrown in “FB Jail,” a metaphorical lockdown preventing them from posting to Facebook for some period of time.

“Why do you think Facebook is throwing people in FB Jail who share information about Proud Boys? (Side note: I must really have great friends cause a whole bunch have been locked up! ) I think it’s because they’ve seen a drastic spike in searches and they are worried that people

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