In Jacksonville, fissures emerge between Mayor and City Council President again

The Jacksonville City Council met Thursday to discuss the Lot J development proposal from the NFL Jaguars and the Mayor Lenny Curry administration, and ultimately the meeting did little more than raise questions among some about the current City Council President.

Democratic Councilman Tommy Hazouri, elected by a 16-3 margin earlier this year to helm the supermajority Republican legislative body with the strong backing of Curry, continues to push back against the pitch, moves that would seem to signal the end of a mutually beneficial pact for the two politicians.

Despite the Council having canceled its regular meetings since last week because of a COVID-19 case, Thursday evening saw an extraordinary “committee of the whole” meeting slated to discuss the proposal. The agenda included 45 minute presentations from the Council Auditor, the Curry administration, and the Jaguars.

The meeting went in a different direction, with Hazouri pushing for a vote on substitute legislation from Councilman Matt Carlucci that would refer the package to the appointed Downtown Investment Authority for a review of terms and conditions. That push was muddied by Council member LeAnna Cumber proposing an amendment to the current bill accomplishing the same thing.

Ultimately, neither was voted upon. By

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