Inside the Closet of Emily in Paris, Your New Favorite Sex and the City-Like Binge

Lily Collins on How “Emily in Paris” Differs From “Sex and the City”

How do you say Sex and the City in French? 

Honestly, it’s hard not to compare Emily in Paris to the iconic HBO series. It’s from the same creator: Darren Star. It has a fashionable yet relatable lead: Lily Collins. And the clothes. Oh, the clothes. Not since Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) twirled on a dirty NYC sidewalk in that tulle skirt have we had such an instant reaction to a character’s wardrobe. And that’s all thanks to Patricia Field, the legendary costume designer behind both Carrie and Emily’s looks. 

“The appeal for Emily in Paris for me was basically Darren Star,” Field told E! News of signing on to do the Netflix rom-com, which dropped its first season on Oct. 2. “Darren is my hero. I met him at the beginning of Sex in the City. Sarah Jessica Parker introduced me to Darren because they had a costume designer and nobody liked the clothes.”

Yes, SATC originally had a different costume designer and it’s hard to imagine the show becoming as influential as it ultimately did if anyone else was responsible for the

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