Interested in a Seasonal or Vacation Home? We’ll Show You How

Do you begin dreading your departure the moment you arrive at your favorite vacation locale? Does your entire household feel the same way? Might be time for your very own seasonal or vacation home!

Even if you’re still fond of your permanent residence — and want to keep it for a while — you know you’re ready for a “home away from home” that isn’t a relative’s or good friend’s sofa, or someone else’s condo.

The thought of spending winter months is Florida’s balmy 60-and-70-degree days, versus snow and ice, sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So does being on vacation any time you can take it, without having to sweat hotel or rental-property availability.

Here’s how to make those dreams of a seasonal or vacation home, a reality.

How you know you’re interested

You return to the same locale every chance you get. It may not be to the same structure — perhaps whatever hotel sports the best rate at a given time — but you’re firmly in the same geographical area. And perhaps even the same neighborhood.

You’ve traveled enough in Florida to know what you and your household like — the Atlantic coast versus the Gulf of

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