An internal poll from Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign is giving him a 19-point lead over Adam Putnam.

The new poll backs up findings of a shock poll released Friday that also showed the DeLand congressman with a double-digit lead over the state agriculture commissioner in the Republican primary. If true, the data shows a marked shift in voter preference.

Why the sudden DeSantis surge? Internal data shared with Florida Politics by the DeSantis camp shows major impact from the endorsement of President Donald Trump.

Polling firm 1892 surveyed 800 respondents on July 2.

The poll found 47 percent of respondents would vote for DeSantis if the election were held today, while just 28 percent would support Putnam. Another 25 percent said they were undecided. No other candidates were included in the poll.

But when pollsters asked if respondents were more supporters of Trump or the Republican Party in general, 68 percent called themselves Trump voters while just 23 percent identified primarily with the GOP. Another 9 percent supported both equally, with the remaining 1 percent unsure.

Additionally, the poll found an 89/8 percent favorable-versus-unfavorable rating for Trump.

That’s important, as

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