Investigation Reveals Widespread Pesticide Contamination in California’s Legal Cannabis Market

California’s cannabis industry is under intense scrutiny following an investigation revealing significant pesticide contamination in products sold at dispensaries statewide. An LA Times and WeedWeek investigation published last week found high levels of pesticides in various cannabis products, including some popular brands of vapes and pre-rolled joints.

The investigation tested 42 legal cannabis products from retail stores, revealing that 25 contained pesticide levels exceeding state or federal safety thresholds for tobacco. These pesticides include chemicals linked to cancer, liver failure, thyroid disease, and other serious health issues.

Notably, vapes from several well-known brands exceeded federal EPA risk thresholds for harm from a single exposure, posing immediate risks such as lung and throat irritation, headaches, and abdominal pain. Some products contained as many as two dozen pesticides, raising long-term health concerns due to repeated use.

Brands referenced by the investigation include:

Stiiizy West Coast Cure Flavorade Phat Panda Phire Dime Backpack Boyz Grizzly Peak Farms Cru Mai Tai Fog City Farms David Shin’s Van Nuys manufacturer Maven Industries

The contamination findings echo numerous complaints filed by two private cannabis testing labs over the past eight months, suggesting widespread contamination in over 250,000 vapes and pre-rolled joints.

So, why are

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