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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Brad Childress described Eric Bieniemy as a “descending veteran” when they first crossed paths in 1999 with the Philadelphia Eagles, Childress as an assistant coach and Bieniemy as a reserve running back.

Bieniemy still caught the eye of the new head coach, Andy Reid, Childress and the rest of the coaching staff and eventually made the roster for his special-teams skills.

“He understood that was his value to our team, as a special-teams guy,” said Childress, who later as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings gave Bieniemy his first NFL assistant job coaching Adrian Peterson and the running backs.

“I just have a picture of him coming out on the practice field because it takes older guys longer to warm up a full hour before practice and we started out right out with special teams and he wanted to be able to go full tilt to start with. His level of detail when he prepared himself to play was incredible.”

Could Eric Bieniemy be the next Andy Reid coordinator to land a head coaching job? Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire

Those same qualities, with Bieniemy as offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, have helped the

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