Is Florida still a swing state? Takeaways from the postelection Sunshine State

Florida is more than one-week postelection, following Democrats rough night against Republicans who dominated at the polls.

The red wave the state saw raises the question: Is Florida still a swing state? Tiger Bay Clubs from across Florida joined Thursday to discuss takeaways from the 2020 General Election. 

Susan MacManus, a voting expert and University of South Florida distinguished professor emeriti, said it depends on the perspective. Democrats, she said, would argue that it is, while Republicans may differ.

“Republicans say, ‘Absolutely not — we won, we gained seats,’” MacManus said. “The Democrats say ‘yes we are.’ And they have a right to say that a lot of their problems in this election frankly was just the way the campaign was run.”

MacManus said most people still see the Sunshine State as swing state, at least from this election cycle, by pointing at voter registration, TV ads and campaign tours. Of Florida’s 14,441,869 registered voters, 5,169,012 are Republicans, and 5,303,254 are Democrats. That leaves a little under one-third of voters registered as third party or no party affiliated voters.

“I think the bottom line is that most people still look at Florida as a swing

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