Bobby Petrino after an upset loss to rival Kentucky. Nov. 26, 2016 Scott Utterback/The CJ

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U of L’s Lamar Jackson looks for an open receiver during the fourth quarter of a 41-38 Cats victory over U of L at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium on Saturday. Nov. 26, 2016(Photo: Alton Strupp/The CJ)Buy Photo

The University of Louisville is No. 13 and one spot behind Florida State in Tuesday’s penultimate College Football Playoff rankings, meaning the Seminoles have the edge over the Cardinals for a potential spot in the Orange Bowl despite U of L defeating FSU by 43 points early this season.

U of L (9-3) dropped two spots in the new rankings after losing 41-38 to visiting Kentucky on Saturday – the Cards’ second straight bad loss to finish the regular season – and the Seminoles (9-3) went up two spots after beating visiting Florida 31-13. The Gators stayed at No. 15.

If Clemson, which is No. 3, wins the ACC title game against No. 23 Virginia Tech on Saturday and qualifies for the playoff, then the next-highest-ranked ACC team will earn a spot in the Orange Bowl, and that would figure to be FSU. If Virginia Tech beats Clemson, the Hokies would play in the Orange Bowl.

Bowl assignments will be made on Sunday when the CFP selection committee releases its final rankings, but there’s little reason to think the positions for FSU and U of L will change now that both their regular seasons are over. (How Florida fares in the SEC title game against No. 1 Alabama potentially could still have an impact on FSU’s resume, but it’s hard to imagine it would be more than a negligible one unless the Gators fell all the way out of the top

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