'It doesn't work': DeSantis shuts down Florida mayor's request for local mandates

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WFLA) — As coronavirus cases continue to rise across Florida and the rest of the country, Gov. Ron DeSantis remains steadfast against local government mandates attempting to slow the spread.

DeSantis was in Pensacola Monday announcing the begging stages of providing churches in underprivileged areas COVID-19 vaccines. The governor says he wants those in less fortunate areas to have equal access to vaccinations.

After the press conference, DeSantis was asked if he received Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson’s letter requesting more local control over how to combat the spread of the virus.

“We will categorically not allow any local government to lock people down,” DeSantis responded emphatically. “We will not let any local government kick anybody out of their job. We will not allow any local government fine individual Floridians. We will not let any local government shut down schools.

“You look around the country and see some of the areas that have had the most draconian restrictions, and you’re seeing really bad results. It doesn’t work. We gotta trust people, give them the information and ask that they use common sense.”

DeSantis says he believes the COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to combat the spread.

“If we

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