J.J. Watt agrees: Texans must build everything around Deshaun Watson

6:00 AM ET

HOUSTON — For all that Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt has done for the city and organization, he recognizes that at age 31, he is not the key to the team’s future success.

It is Deshaun Watson, the team’s franchise quarterback who signed a $160 million contract extension in September, whose performances moving forward largely will determine the trajectory of the Texans.

“When you have the talent that we have, specifically at the quarterback position in this league, you can’t be 0-4,” Watt said Wednesday, two days after general manager and head coach Bill O’Brien was fired. “… Deshaun Watson’s an incredible quarterback. He’s the face of this franchise. He’s the future of this team and this city.

2020 Rank Total QBR 57.3 21st Comp. % 65.6 20th TD % 4.7 19th TD-INT ratio 2.0 17th Sack % 11.1 32nd ESPN

“We have to do whatever we possibly can to make sure that he’s in the best position to have success and to lead this place to success, not only this year, not only next year, but for the next 10 years. Whatever it takes to give him all the tools he needs to

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